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Title:Transgenic mice depleted in mature T-cells and methods for making transgenic mice
Inventors:Krimpenfort, Paulus J. A.; Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berns, Antonius J. M.; Spaarndam, Netherlands
Summary:This invention introduces a transgenic nonhuman mammal which is depleted of mature lymphocyte cells, methods and uses thereof. Described herein are transgenic mice produced by a transgene which encodes a lymphatic polypeptide variant to inhibit formation, such that the transgenic mice exhibit a phenotype characterized by the substantial depletion of a mature T lymphocytic cell type otherwise naturally occurring in the species from which the transgenic mouse is derived. Further disclosed are properties of the transgenic mouse having a phenotype characterized by the substantial absence of mature T-cells, wherein the phenotype is conferred by a transgene contained in the somatic and germ cells of the mouse such that the transgene comprises a DNA fragment which encodes a T-cell receptor ?-chain polypeptide variant which is incapable of mediating T-cell maturation in the transgenic mouse. Further claims of the invention include a carboxy-terminal portion of the T-cell receptor ?-chain encoded by the transgene which comprises the constant region of the T-cell receptor ?-chain. Therapeutic applications for the use of such transgenic mice in the treatment of a variety of human diseases are included. This invention represents a continuation of other applications filed by the same assignee and inventors.
Abstract:Transgenic mice having a phenotype characterized by the substantial absence of mature T lymphocytes otherwise naturally occurring in said mice. The phenotype is conferred in the transgenic mouse by a transgene contained in at least the precursor stem cell of the T lymphocyte which is depleted. The transgene comprises a DNA sequence encoding a T cell receptor polypeptide variant which inhibits maturation of the T lymphocyte.
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Title Number:US5434340
Application Number:US1992000919936
Date Filed:27/07/1992
Date Published:18/07/1995
Assignee:GenPharm International, Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA

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