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Stem Cell Related Patent Number US5811094

Title:Connective tissue regeneration using human mesenchymal stem cell preparations
Inventors:Caplan, Arnold I.; Cleveland Heights, OH, USA
Summary:This invention describes novel monoclonal antibodies to human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs), methods and uses thereof. Further disclosed are profiles of associated cytokine expression, as are properties of the monoclonal antibodies that are specific for hMSCs and which bind to the same epitope on hMSCs as does the antibody produced by the hybridoma cell line deposited as ATCC nos. 10743-10745, and which has been found to synthesize and secrete such monospecific antibodies. Also provided are methods by which the hMSCs may be expanded without differentiation. Therapeutic applications are included for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases. This invention represents a continuation of other applications filed by the same assignee and inventors.
Abstract:Isolated human mesenchymal stem cells, a method for isolating, purifying, and culturally expanding human mesenchymal stem cells (i.e. mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs), and characterization of (including by cytokine expression profiling) and uses, particularly research reagent, diagnostic and therapeutic uses for such cells. The stem cells can be culture expanded without differentiating. Monoclonal antibodies specific for human mesenchymal stem cells and the monoclonal hybridoma cell lines (ATCC nos. 10743-10745) that synthesize and secrete these monospecific antibodies, and uses of the monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.
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Title Number:US5811094
Application Number:US1995000420297
Date Filed:11/04/1995
Date Published:22/09/1998
Assignee:Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., Baltimore, MD, USA

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