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Title:In vitro method for obtaining an isolated population of mammalian neural crest stem cells
Inventors:Anderson, David J.; Altadena, CA, USA
Stemple, Derek L.; Pasadena, CA, USA
Summary:Described herein are mammalian multipotent neural crest stem cells which are capable of self-renewal and differentiation to neuronal and glial progenitors. The invention relates to methods for the isolation and clonal propagation of mammalian neural stem cells via a novel separation and culturing regimen. Further disclosed are bioassays for establishing neural stem cell derivatives, immortalized forms of the stem cells and their progeny, and methods of production and transplantation of such cells in the treatment of nervous system disorders with gene therapy.
Abstract:The invention includes methods for the isolation and clonal propagation of mammalian neural stem cells. The methods employ a novel separation and culturing regimen and bioassays for establishing the generation of neural stem cell derivatives. These methods result in the production of non-transformed neural stem cells and their progeny. The invention demonstrates, at the clonal level, the self regeneration and asymmetrical division of mammalian neural stem cells for the first time in feeder cell-independent cultures. Lineage restriction is demonstrated within a developing clone and is shown to be sensitive to the local environment. Multipotent neural stem cells cultured on a mixed substrate of poly-D-lysine and fibronectin generate PNS neurons and glia, but on fibronectin alone the stem cells generate PNS glia but not neurons. The neurogenic potential of the stem cells, while not expressed, is maintained over time on fibronectin. The invention further includes transplantation assays which allow for the identification of mammalian neural stem cells from various tissues. It also includes methods for transplanting mammalian neural stem cells and/or neural or glial progenitors into mammals.
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Title Number:US5824489
Application Number:US1994000290229
Date Filed:15/08/1994
Date Published:20/10/1998
Assignee:California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA

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