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Title:Veterinary pharmaceutical formulation containing avian embryonic stem cells
Inventors:Petitte, James N.; Raleigh, NC, USA
Yang, Zengming; Raleigh, NC, USA
Summary:This invention introduces a novel composition of cultured avian embryonic stem cells. Described herein is a method for producing undifferentiated avian cells which express an embryonic stem cell phenotype, according to a process by which avian cells are collected from an avian blastoderm prior to the formation of the primitive streak, after which the blastoderm cells are grown on a mouse fibroblast feeder cell layer in a medium containing a leukemia inhibitory factor. Properties of pharmaceutically acceptable carriers are provided, as are methods of culturing and of altering the phenotype of avian embryonic stem cells.
Abstract:A method of producing undifferentiated avian cells expressing an embryonic stem cell phenotype is disclosed. The method comprises collecting avian cells from an avian blastoderm prior to formation of the primitive streak, then depositing the avian cells in contact with a mouse fibroblast feeder cell layer, and then growing the avian cells on the mouse fibroblast feeder cell layer in the presence of a media containing leukemia inhibitory factor in a differentiation-inhibiting amount for a time sufficient to produce a sustained avian cell culture. Cell cultures produced by the aforesaid process and veterinary pharmaceutical formulations containing such cells are also disclosed.
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Title Number:US5830510
Application Number:US1997000824391
Date Filed:26/03/1997
Date Published:03/11/1998
Assignee:North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA

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