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Title:Stem cell immobilization
Inventors:Turner, Marc Leighton; South Queensferry, United Kingdom
Murphy, William Gerrard; Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Summary:This invention introduces a novel system for the immobilization of stem cells. Described herein is a process of culturing stem cells onto the inner surface of a flexible container, such as a closed container formed of a flexible plastic material which is permeable to carbon dioxide and oxygen, wherein the container includes a substrate having a fibrin matrix coating, such as fibronectin or thrombospondin, together with a substance capable of binding to the fibrin matrix and having an RGD amino acid sequence for binding to the stem cells, and in which the container is configured so as to allow the stem cell cultures to adhere to the inner surface of the flexible container. For the stem cells which are in contact with the coated substrate, therapeutic applications include gene therapy, and in re-engraftment following chemotherapy, and for the correction of hemotological deficiencies.
Abstract:Haematopoietic stem cells (which term includes early progenitor cells) are immobilized on a substrate coated with a fibrin matrix and including a substance capable of both binding to the fibrin matrix and also having an RGD amino acid sequence for binding to the stem cells. The substance may be fibronectin or thrombospondin. The substrate is generally in the form of a closed bag formed of a carbon dioxide-permeable and oxygen-permeable plastics material which allows culturing of the stem cells. The cultured stem cells may re-engraft a patient following chemotherapy or to correct haemotological deficiencies. Stem cells may be harvested from peripheral blood onto the coated substrate. The stem cells in contact with the coated substrate are good candidates for gene therapy to introduce a heterologous gene e.g. employing a transfection vector.
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Title Number:US5912177
Application Number:US1997000765315
Date Filed:08/04/1997
Date Published:15/06/1999
Assignee:Common Services Agency, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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