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Stem Cell Related Patent Number US5958774

Title:Method for gene transfer into cells activated from a quiescent state
Inventors:Klein, Antoinette; Antony, France
Hatzfeld, Jacques; Antony, France
Summary:This invention introduces methods for the improved efficiency of gene transfer via a novel prestimulation step. Disclosed herein are methods of activating and releasing stem cells from the quiescent state via a process of blocking a cell cycle inhibitor. Further elucidated is a system of gene transfer into a culture of primitive stem cells via the incorporation of a prestimulation step which is time-limited to a period of less than 36 hours and which allows the culture of primitive stem cells to retain their hematopoietic potential. The prestimulation step is further described herein as providing a blocking agent which is added for the purpose of blocking at least one inhibitor of a cell cycle of the primitive stem cells. Claims of the invention include improved efficiency of transfer with more stable expression of the genes. Therapeutic applications are provided for the treatment of genetic diseases.
Abstract:A method is disclosed for gene transfer into a culture of primitive stem cells which comprises a prestimulation step of adding a blocking agent to block at least one inhibitor of a cell cycle of said primitive stem cells. The prestimulation is time-limited for a period of less than approximately 36 hours so that said culture of primitive stem cells retains hematopoietic potential.
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Title Number:US5958774
Application Number:US1997000860299
Date Filed:10/07/1997
Date Published:29/09/1999
Assignee:Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

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