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Title:Stem cell proliferation factor
Inventors:Lawman, Michael J. P.; Gainesville, FL, USA
Lawman, Patricia D.; Gainesville, FL, USA
Denslow, Nancy D.; Gainesville, FL, USA
Summary:Described herein are novel stem cell proliferation factors (SCPF) which are isolated murine polypeptides. The invention relates specifically to methods of production, isolation, purification and use of an autocrine growth factor which exists in various cell lines in two forms, a soluble form and a membrane-bound form, the latter of which is detectable on the surface of a small percentage of human bone marrow cells and which stimulates the proliferation of the cells. Therapeutic applications of such SCPFs are included for bone marrow transplantation and for the in vivo treatment and regulation of hematopoiesis.
Abstract:The present invention is directed to an autocrine growth factor. In particular, it relates to the production, purification and uses of stem cell proliferation factor (SCPF). In various cell lines, the protein of the invention exists in two forms, a soluble form and a membrane bound form which is detectable on the surface of a small percentage of human bone marrow cells and stimulates the proliferation of these cells. Therefore, SCPF may have a wide range of applications including but not limited to augmenting the growth of hematopoietic stem cells. Further, removal of the protein by an antibody may be useful in controlling tumor cell growth.
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Title Number:US5981708
Application Number:US1997000889228
Date Filed:08/07/1997
Date Published:09/11/1999
Assignee:University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

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