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Title:Method of identifying biological response modifiers involved in dendritic and/or lymphoid progenitor cell proliferation and/or differentiation
Inventors:Galy, Anne H. M.; Palo Alto, CA, USA
Summary:This invention describes novel compositions enriched with hematopoietic progenitor cells, and methods of their use in increasing cell populations in a human patient. The invention relates specifically to the therapeutic enrichment of hematopoietic cell populations with myeloid or lymphoid progenitor cells according to cell-specific markers. Further disclosed herein are methods of enriching a population of prethymic lymphoid-committed progenitor cells which lack long-term hematopoietic reconstitution potential. Also provided are methods of genetically modifying cells obtained according to this method, such that the cells express the surface markers CD34, CD45RA and CD10, but not CD19, CD2, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD20, CD14, CD15, or C16 CD56. Therapeutic applications are included for increasing cell populations in a human subject, for the identification of biological response modifiers and for uses in gene therapy.
Abstract:The invention relates to methods of enriching for hematopoietic cell populations enriched in myeloid and/or lymphoid progenitor cells based on cell specific markers. The methods also provide an enriched population of prethymic lymphoid-committed progenitor population lacking long-term hematopoietic reconstitution potential. Compositions enriched for the cells and populations of cells obtained therefrom are also provided by the invention. Methods of use of the cells are also included. Methods of genetically modifying the cells are provided as are cells obtained thereby.
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Title Number:US5985660
Application Number:US1995000482650
Date Filed:07/06/1995
Date Published:16/11/1999
Assignee:SyStemix, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, USA

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