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Title:Computer-based mixed-use registry of placental and umbilical cord stem cells
Inventors:Moore, Thomas Eldon; Los Altos Hills, CA, USA
Harris, David Thomas; Tucson, AZ, USA
Kramer, Jesse O.; San Francisco, CA, USA
Summary:Described herein is a computer-based mixed-use cord stem cell registry system. The invention relates to methods and devices for the development and maintenance of a mixed-use bank for placental and umbilical cord stem cells. Disclosed herein are procedures by which the cord stem cells are stored in such a bank for the potential use either by the donor and the biological family of the donor child, or by an unrelated person for whom the cord stem cells are a match. Claims of the invention include a computerized database registry for the recording, identification and matching of donors with potential recipients. Methods of collection and storage are further disclosed.
Abstract:A computer-based mixed-use cord stem cells registry system, method and device are provided for developing and maintaining a mixed-used bank of placental and umbilical cord stem cells and for the resultant bank. The cord stem cells, or a fraction thereof, is stored in a bank for the potential use of the donor and potentially the actual family of the donor child or from an unrelated person for whom the cord stem cells are a match. The system makes the cord stem cells available to the family until the blood sample is found to match a non-family member in need of the cord stem cells. At this time the family is given an option of keeping the sample for themselves or of providing it to the non-family member along with current information on the donor family.
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Title Number:US5993387
Application Number:US1997000910996
Date Filed:14/08/1997
Date Published:30/11/1999
Assignee:Core Blood Registry, Inc., San Bruno, CA, USA

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