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Title:Composition of c-kit ligand, GM-CSF, and TNF-.alpha. and method of use
Inventors:Besmer, Peter; New York, NY, USA
Buck, Jochen; New York, NY, USA
Moore, Malcolm A. S.; New York, NY, USA
Nocka, Karl; Harvard, MA, USA
Summary:This invention describes properties and methods of use for a novel composition containing C-kit ligand (KL) with a hematopoietic factor and its anti-sense nucleic acid. Specifically disclosed herein is a pharmaceutical compound comprised of KL, GM-CSF and TNF-?a, the amount of each in the compound being such that the compound is effective in expanding and differentiating progenitor cells into dendritic cells. Methods are described by which the composition is either purified by applicants or produced by applicants' recombinant methods in combination with other hematopoietic factors. Further provided are properties of a mutated KL antagonist and of a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Therapeutic applications of this pharmaceutical composition are also included, such as in the treatment of patients with leukaemia, anaemia, AIDS, cancer, and further described are uses of the mutated KL antagonists in the treatment of allergies.
Abstract:A pharmaceutical composition which comprises the c-kit ligand (KL) purified by applicants or produced by applicants' recombinant methods in combination with other hematopoietic factors and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier is provided as well as methods of treating patients which comprise administering to the patient the pharmaceutical composition of this invention. This invention provides combination therapies using c-kit ligand (KL) and a purified c-kit ligand (KL) polypeptide, or a soluble fragment thereof and other hematopoietic factors. It also provides methods and compositions for ex-vivo use of KL alone or in combination therapy. A mutated KL antagonist is also described. Such an antagonist may also be a small molecule. Antisense nucleic acids to KL as therapeutics are also described. Lastly, compositions and methods are described that take advantage of the role of KL in germ cells, mast cells and melanocytes.
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Title Number:US6001803
Application Number:US1994000325240
Date Filed:20/10/1994
Date Published:14/12/1999
Assignee:Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, NY, USA

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