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Title:Antigen presenting cells of the adipocyte lineage
Inventors:Mosca, Joseph D.; Ellicott City, MD, USA
Summary:Described herein are modified mesenchymal stem cells and cells of the adipocyte lineage, methods and uses thereof. The invention relates to modifications in such cells which yield at least one exogenous antigen bound to at least one primary surface molecule such that at least one antigen can initiate an immune response while also expressesing at least one co-stimulatory molecule. Further disclosed are methods for inducing an antigen specific T-cell response in a mammal. Therapeutic applications are included for the treatment and prevention of various diseases including exposure to toxin or antigens.
Abstract:Disclosed is a mesenchymal stem cell and/or cell of the adipocyte lineage that (i) has been modified to have at least one exogenous antigen bound to at least one primary surface molecule of said cell such that said at least one antigen can initiate an immune response and (ii) also expresses at least one co-stimulatory molecule. The antigen is preferably a protein, polypeptide, lipid or glycolipid. The primary surface molecule is MHC I, MHC II or CD1. Also disclosed is a method for stimulating presentation of at least one exogenous antigen fragment on a mesenchymal stem cell primary surface molecule by contacting a mesenchymal stem cell that is capable of expressing at least one co-stimulatory molecule with (i) an exogenous antigen or (ii) genetic material that codes for the exogenous antigen which the mesenchymal stem cell processes into it least one antigen fragment. The method can further include contacting the mesenchymal stem cell with interferon-.gamma.. Also disclosed are a method for determining the state of activation of a T lymphocyte population and a method for the treatment or prevention of a disease in an animal.
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Title Number:US6149906
Application Number:US1998000157008
Date Filed:18/09/1998
Date Published:21/11/2000
Assignee:Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., Baltimore, MD, USA

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