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Title:Umbilical cord blood collection
Inventors:Haswell, John N.; Sarasota, FL, USA
Summary:Described herein are methods of collecting umbilical cord blood. The invention relates to a novel collection system involving the placement of an obstetrical drape on the obstetrical table with one end below the buttocks of the mother to which a pouch is attached which contains an anti-coagulant as well as a canal in which the umbilical cord may be inserted and secured with a sealing closure. Optionally the pouch may also contain multiple compartments with various blood-treatment substances. After delivery when the pouch is filled it is then closed and removed from the drape. Multiple embodiments of the invention are provided, as are methods for the cryopreservation of the blood. Therapeutic applications of the stem cells harvested from the blood include the treatment of numerous diseases.
Abstract:A device and method for the collection of umbilical cord blood during obstetrical delivery are disclosed. A pouch is attached to an obstetrical drape in a location convenient for filling with cord blood. The pouch includes a canal for the umbilical cord to be inserted into the pouch, and a sealing closure. The pouch may contain an anti-coagulant. One embodiment includes multiple compartments with various blood-treatment substances. After filling the pouch is closed and removed from the drape. The blood can be used for a variety of hematologic laboratory tests and for long term cryo-preservation for a stem cell transfusion to infants and adults.
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Title Number:US6179819
Application Number:US1999000392252
Date Filed:09/09/1999
Date Published:30/01/2001

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