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Title:Induced tolerance to xenografts
Inventors:Sachs, David H.; Newton, MA, USA
Cosimi, A. Benedict; Weston, MA, USA
Sykes, Megan; Charlestown, MA, USA
Summary:Described herein are methods for inducing tolerance to xenografts via the absorption of natural antibodies by liver perfusion and the administration of anti-thymocyte globulin in combination with the irradiation of the thymus and bone marrow infusion. The invention relates to a process of lengthening the time in which a xenograft, or an implanted organ, survives in a xenogeneic host prior to rejection. Disclosed herein are methods and materials comprising such a process in a recipient primate receiving a swine graft.
Abstract:The invention features a method designed to lengthen the time an implanted organ (a xenograft) survives in a xenogeneic host prior to rejection. Preparation of the recipient for transplantation includes the following steps: First, the recipient is administered low dose radiation. Second, an antibody preparation that binds T cells and NK cells is injected into the recipient. Third, natural antibodies are absorbed from the recipient's blood by hemoperfusion of an organ of the donor species. Fourth, hematopoietic stromal tissue of the donor species is administered to the recipient. Fifth, donor hematopoietic stem cells are injected into the recipient. Finally, the xenograft organ is implanted into the recipient mammal. Best results are obtained when all steps are used in combination.
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Title Number:US6296846
Application Number:US1995000451210
Date Filed:26/05/1995
Date Published:02/10/2001
Assignee:The General Hospital, Massachusetts, USA

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