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Title:Nucleic acid encoding a lectin-derived progenitor cell preservation factor
Inventors:Colucci, M. Gabriella; Dugenta, Italy
Chrispeels, Maarten J.; La Jolla, CA, USA
Moore, Jeffrey G.; New York, NY, USA
Summary:Described herein is a novel nucleic acid encoding a plant lectin that preserves progenitor cells such as hematopoietic progenitors. The invention relates to an isolated nucleic acid molecule that encodes a protein that is effective in preserving progenitor cells. Further disclosed are in vitro and ex vivo uses of such molecules. Therapeutic applications include bone marrow reconstitution after ablative therapy, and treatments for increasing DNA transfer in gene therapy.
Abstract:The invention relates to an isolated nucleic acid molecule that encodes a protein that is effective to preserve progenitor cells, such as hematopoietic progenitor cells. The nucleic acid comprises a sequence defined by SEQ ID NO:1, a homolog thereof, or a fragment thereof. The encoded protein has an amino acid sequence that comprises a sequence defined by SEQ ID NO:2, a homolog thereof, or a fragment thereof that contains an amino acid sequence TNNVLQVT. Methods of using the encoded protein for preserving progenitor cells in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo are also described. The invention, therefore, include methods such as myeloablation therapies for cancer treatment wherein myeloid reconstitution is facilitated by means of the specified protein. Other therapeutic utilities are also enabled through the invention, for example, expanding progenitor cell populations ex vivo to increase chances of engraftation, improving conditions for transporting and storing progenitor cells, and facilitating gene therapy to treat and cure a broad range of life-threatening hematologic diseases.
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Title Number:US6310195
Application Number:US1997000881189
Date Filed:24/06/1997
Date Published:30/10/2001
Assignee:ImClone Systems Incorporated, New York, NY, USA

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