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Title:Bone morphogenic protein-16 (BMP-16) compositions
Inventors:Celeste, Anthony J.; Hudson, MA, USA
Murray, Beth L.; Arlington, MA, USA
Summary:Described herein is a novel isolated bone morphogenetic protein-16, and its uses in the development of products for inducing the formation of bone, cartilage and other connective tissue. The invention relates to purified BMP-16 proteins and the DNA molecules encoding the BMP-16 proteins. Therapeutic applications include treatment for the repair of tissue in bone, cartilage, and other connective tissue defects and disorders including those related to tissue of the epidermis, nerve, muscle and organs such as lung, hepatic, cardiac, pancreatic and renal tissue. Also provided are applications of such proteins to the induction of growth and differentiation of undifferentiated embryonic and stem cells.
Abstract:Purified BMP-16 proteins and processes for producing them are disclosed. DNA molecules encoding the BMP-16 proteins are also disclosed. The proteins may be used in the treatment of bone, cartilage, other connective tissue defects and disorders, including tendon, ligament and meniscus, in wound healing and related tissue repair, as well as for treatment of disorders and defects to tissues which include epidermis, nerve, muscle, including cardiac muscle, and other tissues and wounds, and organs such as liver, lung, cardiac, pancreas and kidney tissue. The proteins may also be useful for the induction of growth and/or differentiation of undifferentiated embryonic and stem cells.
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Title Number:US6331612
Application Number:US1999000328775
Date Filed:09/06/1999
Date Published:18/12/2001
Assignee:Genetics Institute, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA

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