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Stem Cell Related Patent Number US6541247

Title:Method of isolating ependymal neural stem cells
Inventors:Frisen, Jonas; Stockholm, Sweden Janson, Ann Marie; Stockholm, Sweden Johansson, Clas; Stockholm, Sweden Momma, Stefan; Sp.ang.nga, Sweden Clarke, Diana; Stockholm, Sweden Zhao, Ming; Solna, Sweden Lendahl, Urban; Sundbyberg, Sweden Delfani, Kioumars; Solna, Sweden
Summary:Described herein are methods of isolating ependymal neural CNS stem cells from a post-natal animal via the dissociation of CNS tissue from the animal for cells expressing the Notch1 receptor. Various assays and methods of screening, dissociation, cell recovery and labeling of the ependymal cells are disclosed. Applications are provided in the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of CNS disorders by such methods of isolation and screening.
Abstract:The present invention relates to a method of isolating ependymal neural CNS stem cells from a post-natal animal or a human, which method comprises the steps of (a) screening single cells obtained by dissociating CNS tissue from said animal for cells exhibiting at least one characteristic of an ependymal neural stem cell; and (b) recovering the cells that exhibit the characteristic or characteristics screened for in step (a). The screening may be performed for a specific cell surface protein or by previously labeling the ependymal cells. The invention also relates to isolated ependymal neural CNS stem cells, in vitro and in vivo assays based on the findings according to the invention and various uses of the ependymal neural stem cells according to the invention.
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Title Number:US6541247
Application Number:US1998000104772
Date Filed:25/06/1998
Date Published:01/04/2003
Assignee:Neuronova AB, Stockholm, Sweden

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