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Title:Cell-culture and polymer constructs
Inventors:Hungerford, David S.; Cockeysville, MD, USA
Frondoza, Carmelita G.; Woodstock, MD, USA
Shikani, Alan H.; Ruxton, MD, USA
Domb, Abraham J.; Efrat, Israel
Summary:Described herein are methods of replacing a body part or surgically filling a void in the head and neck. The invention relates to methods which include obtaining a non-diseased, cell sample from a patient's head and neck area, rapidly growing the cells in a bioreactor and within a mold in which a replica of the patient's body part or void is produced, and surgically implanting the molded body part or void as a replacement in the patient's head and neck area. The molded body part or void replaces the missing body part or void, regenerating and fusing with the adjacent tissues. Further disclosed are methods for the culturing of chondrocytes which are obtained from the knee, nose and ankle cartilage, and which are cultured on polymer constructs. Means are provided by which integren expression is used as a measure of chondrocyte viability, and mechanical strain is used in the propagation of chondrocytes. Claims of the invention include the use of chitosan and arabinogalactanchitosan as scaffolds. The roles of progenitor, pluripotent stem and mesenchymal cells are provided.
Abstract:The invention is directed to the culture of cells, and particularly chondrocytes for purpose of tissue replacement. The cells are cultured on polymer constructs. Integren expression is used as a measure of chondrocyte viability. Chondrocytes are obtained from the knee, nose and ankle cartilage. Mechanical strain is used to propagate chondrocytes, chitosan and arabinogalactanchitosan are used as scaffolds. Progenitor, pluripotential, stem and mesenchymal cells are operative in this invention.
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Title Number:US6637437
Application Number:US2000000712662
Date Filed:14/11/2000
Date Published:28/10/2003
Assignee:Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Chondros, Inc., Baltimore, MD, USA

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