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Title:Method for treating T-lineage leukemias and lymphomas using a CD7-specific monoclonal antibody (TXU-7) linked to the pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP)
Inventors:Uckun, Fatih M.; White Bear Lake, MN, USA
Summary:Described herein is a new immunotoxin of pokeweed antiviral protein and antibody, specific for CD7. The invention relates to a method of enhancing survival of a mammal having a neoplastic disease, via the parenteral administration to the mammal of an effective amount of an immunotoxin comprising a TXU-7 antibody which is secreted by a hybridoma having ATCC No. HB-12260, or a biologically active fragment thereof, covalently linked to the pokeweed antiviral protein. Central to the invention is a T-cell-specific immunotoxin with sufficient stability and efficacy to eliminate cell populations associated with various T-cell malignancies. Disclosed herein is a biotherapeutic agent such as an immunoconjugate or immunotoxin comprising a monoclonal antibody, MoAb TXU-7, specific to the mammalian T-cell/myeloid antigen CD7 linked to the pokeweed antiviral protein, such that the CD7 antigen is expressed on human T-lineage lymphoid cells and leukemic progenitor cells in T-lineage lymphoid malignancies. Also provided are the means by which pokeweed antiviral proten, a member of the hemitoxin group of toxins, inactivates ribosomes by the removal of a single adenosine from the conserved loop sequence found near the 3' terminus of all larger RNAs. Claims of the invention include abrogation by the specific depurination of the ability of elongation factors to interact with ribosomes, resulting therefore in irreversible shut-down of protein synthesis. Also described are therapeutic modalities that may be administered without toxicity or relapse in the treatment of neoplastic diseases such as T-cell leukemia, T-cell lymphoma, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, and for viral infections including the human immune deficiency virus
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Title Number:US6689362
Application Number:US1999000453641
Date Filed:03/12/1999
Date Published:10/02/2004
Assignee:Regents of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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