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Title:Methods and compositions for transforming dendritic cells and activating T cells
Inventors:Hwu, Patrick; Rockville, MD, USA
Reeves, Mark; New York, NY, USA
Rosenberg, Steven A.; Potomac, MD, USA
Summary:Described herein is a novel method of making a mammalian dendritic cell via transduction with a selected nucleic acid. The invention relates to novel transformed dendritic cells produced by transducing hematopoietic stem cells with a nucleic acid and differentiating the cells into recombinant dendritic cells such that the resulting dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells which activate T cells against MHC class I-antigen targets. Kits and assays are provided, based upon the activation of T cells by the recombinant dendritic cell. Pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic applications are included, such as in activating T cells in the treatment of cancer, viral infections and parasitic infections.
Abstract:Recombinant dendritic cells are made by transforming a stem cell and differentiating the stem cell into a dendritic cell. The resulting dendritic cell is an antigen presenting cell which activates T cells against MHC class I-antigen targets. Kits, assays and therapeutics are based upon the activation of T cells by the recombinant dendritic cell. Cancer, viral infections and parasitic infections are all ameliorated by the recombinant dendritic cells, or corresponding activated T cells. Therapeutic compositions and pharmaceutical compositions are provided.
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Title Number:US6734014
Application Number:US1999000117764
Date Filed:07/01/1999
Date Published:11/05/2004
Assignee:The USA as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, USA

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