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Title:Methods to mobilize progenitor/stem cells
Inventors:Bridger, Gary J.; Bellingham, WA, USA
Abrams, Michael J.; Custer, WA, USA
Henson, Geoffrey W.; Ferndale, WA, USA
MacFarland, Ronald Trevor; Vancouver, Canada
Calandra, Gary B.; Cresco, PA, USA
Broxmeyer, Hal E.; Indianapolis, IN, USA
Dale, David C.; Seattle, WA, USA
Summary:This invention describes methods of increasing progenitor and/or stem cell populations via the administration to a subject of a conjugate comprising cyclic amine that is linked to a second amine. Described herein are specific nitrogen-containing compounds that bind to the chemokine receptor CXCR4 and are able to mobilize progenitor and/or stem cells into the peripheral blood to permit harvesting of the cells for transplantation. Further disclosed are the chemical properties of such compounds along with the pharmaceutically acceptable salts and products thereof, as well as methods of administration, harvesting and transplantation.
Abstract:Certain nitrogen-containing compounds that bind the chemokine receptor CXCR4 are able to mobilize progenitor and/or stem cells into the peripheral blood to permit harvesting them for stem cell transplantation.Z-linker-Z′  (1) or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof wherein Z is a cyclic polyamine containing 9-32 ring members of which 3-8 are nitrogen atoms, said nitrogen atoms separated from each other by at least 2 carbon atoms, and wherein said heterocycle may optionally contain additional heteroatoms besides nitrogen and/or may be fused to an additional ring system; or Z is of the formula 1 wherein A comprises a monocyclic or bicyclic fused ring system containing at least one N and B is H or an organic moiety of 1-20 atoms,Z′ may be embodied in a form as defined by Z above, or alternatively may be of the formula —N(R)—(CR2)n—X wherein each R is independently H or straight, branched or cyclic alkyl (1-6C), n is 1 or 2, and X is an aromatic ring, including heteroaromatic rings, or is a mercaptan;“linker” represents a bond, alkylene (1-6C) or may comprise aryl, fused aryl, oxygen atoms contained in an alkylene chain, or may contain keto groups or nitrogen or sulfur atoms.
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Title Number:US6987102
Application Number:US2002000209001
Date Filed:30/07/2002
Date Published:17/01/2006
Assignee:Anormed, Inc., Langley, Canada

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