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Title:Method and apparatus to grow and mechanically condition cell cultures
Inventors:Banes, Albert J.; Hillsborough, NC, USA
Summary:This invention describes methods of cell culturing and conditioning in which cells are supplied to a flexible membrane and pulled into the trough of a jig. Central to the invention is a system of growing cell cultures in which the anchor stem of an anchor is attached to the surface of a flexible membrane next to which a jig with a trough is placed adjacent to a separate surface of the same membrane, allowing the membrane to be drawn through the trough into the jig thereby supplying the cells to the membrane where they are allowed to attach to the anchor stem and grow. Therapeutic applications in replacing cells of infected organs such as the skin, liver, or eye are included.
Abstract:An apparatus (10) to grow cell cultures includes an anchor (14) potted to a flexible membrane (12) and an anchor stem (16) to which cells attach. A jig (18) having a trough (46) and at least one passage (52) is positioned adjacent the flexable membrane (12). A method for growing and mechanically conditioning three-dimensional cell constructs begins by drawing the flexible membrane (12) and the anchor stem (14) into the trough (46) by means (20) for flexing the flexible membrane (12) (step 114). Cells are supplied (step 116) and allowed to attach to the anchor stem (16) (step 118). The flexible membrane (12) is released from within the trough (46) (step 120), resulting in a three-dimensional structure (34) of cells attached to the anchor stem (16). The cells grow into the three-dimensional construct (step 130). The structure (34) and/or the construct can be subjected to a regimen of strain for mechanical conditioning of the cells (step 132).
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Title Number:US6998265
Application Number:US2001000296742
Date Filed:10/12/2001
Date Published:14/02/2006
Assignee:MedTrain Technologies, LLC, Hillsborough, NC, USA

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