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Stem Cell Related Patent Number US7041438

Title:Use of human embryonic stem cells for drug screening and toxicity testing
Inventors:Carpenter, Melissa K.; London, Canada
Inokuma, Margaret S.; San Jose, CA, USA
Xu, Chunhui; Palo Alto, CA, USA
Summary:Described herein is a novel population of substantially undifferentiated genetically modified human embryonic pluripotent stem (pPS) cells cultured in the absence of feeder cells that have been replaced by an extracellular matrix. Further disclosed are methods by which the pPS cells may be genetically altered by introducing the cells with a viral vector or DNA/lipid complex. Also described is a system for the bulk proliferation of the pPS cells, and for the generation of quantities of the conditioned medium on a commercial scale. Applications in human gene therapy and drug screening are included.
Abstract:This disclosure provides an improved system for culturing human pluripotent stem (pPS) cells in the absence of feeder cells. The role of the feeder cells can be replaced by supporting the culture on an extracellular matrix, and culturing the cells in a conditioned medium. Permanent cell lines are provided that can produce conditioned medium on a commercial scale. Methods have also been discovered to genetically alter pPS cells by introducing the cells with a viral vector or DNA/lipid complex. The system described in this disclosure allows for bulk proliferation of pPS cells for use in studying the biology of pPS cell differentiation, and the production of important products for use in human therapy.
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Title Number:US7041438
Application Number:US2001000039956
Date Filed:23/10/2001
Date Published:09/05/2006
Assignee:Geron Corporation, Menlo Park, CA, USA

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