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Title:Stress-regulated genes of plants, transgenic plants containing same, and methods of use
Inventors:Harper, Jeffrey F.; Del Mar, CA, USA
Kreps, Joel; Carlsbad, CA, USA
Wang, Xun; San Diego, CA, USA
Zhu, Tong; San Diego, CA, USA
Summary:This invention describes methods of identifying a stress condition to which a plant cell has been exposed, and producing plants with increased tolerance to these abiotic stresses. Provided herein are clusters of plant genes that are regulated in response to one or more stress conditions, as are isolated plant stress-regulated genes, including portions thereof comprising a coding sequence or a regulatory element, as well as consensus sequences comprising a plant stress-regulated regulatory element. Further disclosed is a recombinant polynucleotide, which includes a plant stress-regulated gene, or functional portion thereof, operatively linked to a heterologous nucleotide sequence. Also included are transgenic plants, which contain a plant stress-regulated gene or functional portion thereof that was introduced into a progenitor cell of the plant. Methods are provided for the use of a plant stress-regulated gene to confer upon a plant a selective advantage to a stress condition, and for the identification of an agent that modulates the activity of a plant stress-regulated regulatory element, and methods of determining whether a plant has been exposed to a stress. Further delineated is the expression vector and the particular sequence of the isolated polynucleotide, contained within a recombinant nucleic acid molecule that is operatively linked to a heterologous nucleotide sequence.
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Title Number:US7109033
Application Number:US2001000938842
Date Filed:24/08/2001
Date Published:19/09/2006
Assignee:The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA Syngenta Participations AG, Basel, Switzerland

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