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Scientists Develop Technique to Determine Ethnic Origin of Stem Cell Lines
December 31, 2009
This effort linked single-letter alterations in the genetic code -- known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs -- with people of known ethnic origins. This data provided a way to identify the ethnic heritage of a donor of any cell.

Stem Cells Might Reverse Heart Damage From Chemo
Jennifer Thomas, Health Day
December 30, 2009
The rats that received the cardiac specific stem cells had both preservation of cardiac function, and also regeneration of the damaged heart tissue.

Stem Cell as Anti-Aging "Medicine"
Press Release
December 28, 2009
In addition to the possible use of Stem-Kine for restoration/maintenance of circulating endothelial progenitor cells, the publication discusses the possibility of using such cells from sources outside of the body, for example cord blood.

Adenosine inhibits chemotaxis and induces hepatocyte-specific genes in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Hepatology. 2009 Dec 23, Mohamadnejad et al.
One of the major questions with adult stem cell therapy is how do the stem cells go to where they are needed?

Athersys May Get Up To $111M from Pfizer In Stem-Cell Deal
Wall Street Journal
December 21, 2009
Pfizer signed a deal worth $111 million with Athersys involving development of the MultiStem product in the area of inflammatory bowel disease.

Stem-Cell Activators Switch Function, Repress Mature Cells
December 19, 2009
Because of their central role, the proteins could offer a safe and novel therapeutic target in many cancers. The proteins that arrest the multiplication of the cell may be considered as tumor suppressor proteins.

Feasibility and safety of intra-coronary bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in ST elevation myocardial infarction patients
J Med Assoc Thai. 2009 Dec;92(12):1591-6. Srimahachotan et al.
The study data suggest that transplantation using minimally processed bone marrow cells from the same patient can be performed without adverse effects and may be associated with therapeutic benefit, although larger trials are necessary.

Cleveland Clinic receives $2.75M grant to study stem cell use in treating MS
Crane's Cleveland Business, SHANNON MORTLAND
December 8, 2009
The Cleveland Clinic has received a $2.75 million federal grant from the Department of Defense. The study will investigate patients with relapse-remitting MS that are still able to walk but have moderate to severe disability.

Effort to Regenerate Injured Spinal Cords Turns to a New Model
University of Florida Health Science Center Press Release
December 11, 2009
University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute's Regeneration Project received a $2.4 million National Institutes of Health Grand Opportunity grant to study regenerative process of the Mexican axolotl salamander with the aim of applying biological lessons learned to spinal cord injury.

TaiGen Biotechnology Reports Phase I and Preclinical Data for TG-0054 at the 2009 American Society of Hematology Meeting
TaiGen Biotechnology Press Release
December 10, 2009
The ability of TG-0054 to cause mobilization of EPC may support its use in other areas besides hematology. For instance the body may be able to grow new blood vessels around the areas of ischemia, and thus inhibit progression, or even reverse the lack of oxygen to the myocardium.

Brain tumor radiation resistance defeated
Science News
December 10, 2009
Dr. Jialiang Wang of Duke University reported that Notch signaling in tumor tissue is related to the failure of radiation treatments. "This makes the Notch pathway an attractive drug target," Wang said. "The right drug may be able to stop the real bad guys, the glioma stem cells."

Stem Cell Therapy Aids the Return of Lava Man
New York Times
December 11, 2009
After 17 months Lava Man is scheduled to make a come-back this Saturday at Hollywood Park in the Native Diver Handicap. The horse was treated with his own fat derived stem cells by Dr. Doug Herthel.

Sickle-cell disease can be cured with stem-cell transplant procedure
Health and Science Examiner
P. Elizabeth Anderson
December 10, 2009
In the December 10th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine a report describing a clinical trial performed at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, was published that described successful treatment of 9 out of 10 adults suffering from this condition.

Stem cells may hold the key to the fight against HIV
Kansas City Examiner
Jillian Meriweather
December 9, 2009
In a study published December 7in the medical journalPloS ONE, scientists from the University of California Los Angeles reported that human blood cells derived from adult stem cells can be engineered into cells that can target and kill HIV-infected cells - a process that could potentially be used against a range of chronic viral diseases.

Stem Cell Derived Neurons for Research Relevant to Alzheimer's and Niemann-Pick Type C Diseases
Science Daily
Dec 9, 2009
stem cells were created from the skin of patients with these diseases and then the stem cells were made into disease-specific neurons by treatment with growth factors.

Human Umbilical Stem Cells Cleared Mice's Cloudy Eyes
Science Daily
December 9, 2009
Researchers presented data indicating that treatment of mice that suffer from corneal scarring with stem cells derived from human umbilical cords leads to preservation of vision.

Researchers Launch Phase II Trial of Stem Cells and Acute Heart Attack
Science Daily
December 8, 2009
Doctors at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston have announced initiation of an efficacy-finding study in the area of heart failure using a "universal donor" stem cell product called "Prochymal".

Stem cells from umbilical cord used for cerebral palsy treatment
Channel NewsAsia
December 2, 2009
In a recent news announcement, a case of a child in Singapore with cerebral palsy that was treated with their own cord blood stem cells was discussed.

French scientists create skin fast from stem cells
December 1, 2009
A French team of scientists created human skin from stem cells and demonstrated that the skin was functional by placing it on the back of a mouse that was lacking an immune system (so to avoid rejection).

Killing Breast Cancer Stem Cells
The Future of Things
Janice Karin
November 29, 2009
The scientists proved that they were able to expand cancer stem cells based on cell characteristics and ability of the cells to induce tumor growth when administered to animals. Using this system, the scientists screened thousands of compounds randomly to see which ones may inhibit the cancer stem cell.

Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Inhibit Neointimal Formation in a Paracrine Fashion in Rat Femoral Artery
Takahashi et al. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol.
November 25, 2009
In the study, fat mesenchymal stem cells were isolated from rats and tested for ability to promote healing of the endothelium, which is the lining of the blood vessels.

Stem Cells May Improve Heart Bypass Results
US News and World Report
November 17, 2009
The study demonstrated efficacy in the treated patients based on increase cardiac muscle contraction ability as compared to patients that had bypass surgery but did not receive stem cells.

Liver Cells Generated from Skin Cells
Hepatology, Nov 15, 2009 Si-Tayeb K, et al.
Mice that received the artificially generated liver cells, but not control mice, had a recovery in production of liver enzymes.

Virus Engineered Stem Cells Protect Against Lung Injury
Aguilar et al. PLoS One. 2009 Nov 24;4(11):e8013
Mice were treated with mouse mesenchymal stem cells and mouse hematopoietic stem cells that were genetically engineered using lentiviruses. The results provide the basis for attempting to selectively administer growth factors that are regenerative to damaged tissue by using stem cells as a "shuttle".

Matrix Modulation of Compensatory Lung Regrownth and Progenitor Cell Proliferation in Mice
Hoffman et al. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol.
November 3, 2009
Originally the liver was the only major organ which was described as having regenerative potential. However in the last 2 decades studies have been showing that organs such as the heart, brain and kidney have "endogenous stem cells" that are capable of creating a certain, albeit small, degree of regeneration after injury.

Beauty Brand Publishes Study on Stem Cell Wonder Cream
Relax News
November 3, 2009
The French beauty brand Lancôme released results on its product, "Absolue Precious Cells", a face cream being toted as having antiaging properties based on stem cell content.

Use of Frozen Stem Cells Successful in Heart Failure
November 2, 2009
In a recent paper the use of mesenchymal stem cells was evaluated after the cells have been stored frozen.

Cord Blood Cells Make New Blood Vessels
November 2, 2009
A paper published today from the Mary Laughlin's group describes the use of cord blood cells in creation of new blood vessels.

Recipient Response to Stem Cells Contributes to Brain Repair in Rats
Journal of Neurosciences Research
November 2, 2009
In a study published today from the Department of Neurology, Shimane University School of Medicine, Izumo, Japan, scientists have taken the debate one step further by asking whether the growth factors made by stem cells in response to injury are actually made by the stem cells, or whether the stem cells are "instructing" the injured tissue to make growth factors.

NOXXON Announces Initiation of First-in-Human Clinical Trial with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilizing Spiegelmer® NOX-A12
NOXXON Press Release
November 2, 2009
Today NOXXON announced that is has successfully administered its NOX-A12 aptamer-based mobilizer to healthy volunteers as part of a Phase I clinical trial.

Geron Could Resume Stem Cell Trial
San Francisco Business Times
October 30, 2009
Geron stated that subsequent to their recent discussions with the FDA, they believe they will have sufficient new animal data to allow for continuation of the trial sometime in thei third quarter of 2010.

A New Way to Make Cartilage from Stem Cells
Cell Transplantation
October 29, 2009
One of the major practical successes of stem cell therapy has been treatment of race horses and companion animals who have suffered joint injuries using stem cells from the fat.

Stem Cell Therapy May Offer Hope For Acute Lung Injury
Science Daily
October 29, 2009
Scientists at the University of Illinois reported today in the international medical journal Stem Cells that adult stem cells isolated from the bone marrow of mice can protect against acute lung injury.

Stem Cell Therapeutics Corp. Announces Private Placement
Stem Cell Therapeutics Press Release
October 29, 2009
Stem Cell Therapeutics is a biotechnology company from Calgary Canada that is developing a novel type of stem cell therapy: instead of administering stem cells, they give drugs that activate the patient's own stem cells.

Stem cell therapy maker Aldagen files for IPO
Business Week
Oct 28, 2009
The adult stem cell company Aldagen Inc, from Durham North Carolina announced today that it has filed a registration with the Securities Exchange Commission for an initial public offering with a potential value of $80.5 million.

'Ethical' stem cell crop boosted
BBC News
Oct 18, 2009
Embryonic stem cells have attracted tremendous attention based on their ability to become any of the 220 types of cell in the human body.

Jaw bone created from stem cells
BBC News
Oct 10, 2009
In a recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from Columbia University described the creation of a jaw bone (temporomandibular joint) made in the laboratory.

Scientists get closer to making safe patient-specific stem cells
Los Angeles Times
October 8, 2009
In a study that appeared today in the Journal Cell Stem Cell, Dr Kevin Eggan's group from Harvard reported a novel way of generating stem cells from adult cells.

Gilbert Stem Cell Research Programs are Making Healthcare History
October 8, 2009
Since the early studies which began in Phoenix Arizona in 2000, thousands of patients have been treated with their own stem cells for heart failure.

Breakthrough UW study may lead to cure for blindness in the future
Daily Cardinal
October 6, 2009
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced today that they have succeeded in generating retinal cells from stem cells.

Fat-Derived Adult Stem Cells Targeted for Heart Disease Therapy
September 27, 2009
In yet another heart disease study, adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue are chosen as the most promising therapy.

Scientists Study Ways to Stimulate Endogenous Adult Stem Cells
The Baltimore Sun
September 25, 2009
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are developing new therapies based upon methods of stimulating each person's own naturally occurring endogenous adult stem cells.

BioTime Creates Asian Subsidiary
September 25, 2009
In collaboration with a Hong Kong company, the U.S. biotech company BioTime announces the formation of a new subsidiary, to be headquartered in China.

Leading U.S. and S. Korean Stem Cell Companies Announce Merger
September 25, 2009
The U.S. company Stem Cell Therapy International has announced a merger with S. Korea's Histostem.

University of Pittsburgh Receives Two NIH Grants for Novel Stem Cell Research
September 24, 2009
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have received two separate NIH grants for the investigation of stem cell growth and differentiation.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Cerebral Palsy
September 24, 2009
The XCell-Center in Germany reports positive clinical results from 45 cerebral palsy patients who were treated with autologous adult stem cells derived from bone marrow, in whom 67% improved as a result of the treatment.

Race Horse Returns to Racing After Adult Stem Cell Therapy
September 24, 2009
A race horse who was scheduled for retirement is instead returning to his lucrative racing career after being successfully treated with autologous adult stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Awareness Day Events Planned in California
The Merced Sun-Star
September 23, 2009
Among other places, the University of California at Merced is observing Stem Cell Awareness Day with a series of events on campus that highlight the latest developments in the field.

Online Cord Blood Education Program Designed to Improve Public Awareness
September 23, 2009
In response to the pathetic lack of public awareness about adult stem cells that can be banked from umbilical cord blood, the Cord Blood Registry launches an online education program.

A New Therapeutic Technique: Snorting Stem Cells
European Journal of Cell Biology
September 22, 2009
Scientists patent a new intranasal delivery system of stem cells to the brain.

Adult Stem Cells Approved for ALS Clinical Trial
Washington Business Journal
September 21, 2009
The U.S. FDA has granted approval to Neuralstem for testing of its adult stem cell product in a clinical trial for ALS.

Adult Stem Cells Regenerate Skin
September 21, 2009
Scientists in China have succeeded in using adult stem cells derived from bone marrow to construct artificial skin.

Former Government Official in India Seeks Adult Stem Cell Treatment
The Hindustan Times
September 21, 2009
A former Minister of Information and Broadcasting in India will travel to Germany next month for adult stem cell treatment.

Engineering Firm Designs Stem Cell Culture Chip
September 17, 2009
Fluidigm has announced the design of an "integrated fluidic circuit" chip for the culturing of stem cells.

Cystinosis Reversed With Adult Stem Cell Therapy
September 17, 2009
Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have successfully reversed a rare genetic disorder with autologous adult stem cell therapy.

Adult Stem Cells Used in Clinical Trial for Heart Failure
September 17, 2009
The U.S. adult stem cell company Bioheart has announced positive results from its clinical trial in the treatment of heart failure with adult stem cells.

Stem Cell Pioneers Honored at Lasker Awards
September 14, 2009
Among this year's recipients of the Lasker Awards are Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University in Japan and Dr. John Gurdon of Cambridge University in England.

U.S. and S. Korean Stem Cell Companies Announce Litigation Settlement
September 10, 2009
The U.S. company Stem Cell Therapy International and the S. Korean company Histostem today announced the terms of a litigation settlement.

Neuralstem Awarded Adult Stem Cell Patent
Baltimore Business Journal
September 9, 2009
The U.S. company Neuralstem receives yet another patent for its novel adult stem cell technology.

Osiris Clinical Trial Results Challenge FDA Protocol
ABC News, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report
September 8, 2009
Even though Osiris Therapeutics reports that its adult stem cell product, Prochymal, has performed well in a specific subset of patients who participated in a clinical trial, the FDA calls the trial a "failure" because the FDA does not recognize patient subsets.

Fat Cells More Easily Programmed into iPS Cells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
September 7, 2009
Researchers at Stanford University Medical School announce that adult stem cells derived from fat are easier to reprogram into iPS cells that skin cells are.

U.S. and Jordanian Stem Cell Companies Sign Agreement
September 7, 2009
Stemedica Cell Technologies announced today the acquisition of its subsidiary, Stemedica International, by the Jordanian Stem Cell Company.

The Media is Criticized for Embryonic Stem Cell Bias
September 5, 2009
According to the Culture and Media Institute, members of the general media are inaccurately biased in favor of embryonic stem cell research, at the expense of adult stem cell accomplishments.

Stemgent Sponsors Harvard Seminar Series
September 1, 2009
Stemgent announced today the financial sponsorship of the Seminar Series Fund at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Eastern European Stem Cell Symposium Hosts International Speakers
September 1, 2009
An Eastern European "summer school" for regenerative medicine hosts an international group of speakers who succinctly evaluate the current state of the field.

Adult Stem Cell Clinical Findings Presented at European Conference
September 1, 2009
Reporting on the latest advancements in adult stem cell therapies, TCA Cellular presents the findings of its own research at the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

Stem Cell Company Hosts Training Courses
September 1, 2009
The Canadian company Stemcell Technologies has announced the new curriculum for its upcoming training courses in stem cell research and related laboratory procedures.

Bioinformatics Company Launches Stem Cell Collaboration
September 1, 2009
One of the leading bioinformatics companies, GeneGo, announces the new MetaMiner Stem Cell Project in collaboration with scientists from industry and academia.

Adult Stem Cells Applied to Cancer Therapy
September 1, 2009
The company Vitro Biopharma has announced the development of new cancer therapies based upon adult stem cells.

Horse Benefits From Adult Stem Cells
September 1, 2009
Once again, applications of adult stem cell therapy in veterinary medicine continue to race ahead of human medicine.

BrainStorm Develops New ALS Therapy
August 31, 2009
The biotech company BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics enters into an agreement for the production of clinical-grade adult stem cells as a treatment of ALS.

New Technology Launched in Stem Cell Preservation
August 31, 2009
BioLife Solutions launches its new biopreservation platform, which improves upon methods for the cryopreservation of adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and peripheral blood.

The End of Hip Replacements
August 31, 2009
Surgeons in England are repairing damaged bones, joints and cartilage with adult stem cells, thereby rendering hip replacements unnecessary.

Skin Cells are Reprogrammed to Produce Insulin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
August 31, 2009
Scientists create insulin-producing cells from iPS cells derived from the skin of people with Type I diabetes.

Adult Stem Cell Company Reports on Heart Therapy
August 31, 2009
The adult stem cell company Cardio3 BioSciences presents an update on its heart failure therapy at the annual conference of the European Society of Cardiology.

Public Awareness of Cord Blood Opportunities Lagging
The Arizona Republic
August 30, 2009
Recent studies indicate that a lack of public education about cord-blood-derived adult stem cells is hindering therapeutic progress.

Cells Reprogrammed With Single Gene
August 28, 2009
Scientists in Germany have simplified the iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cell reprogramming procedure from four genes to one gene, though the choice of cell type plays an important role.

Vet-Stem Offers New Adult Stem Cell Culturing Process
August 28, 2009
Vet-Stem, the highly successful U.S. veterinary adult stem cell company, now offers a service which allows for an "everlasting" supply of adult stem cells.

Geron Explains Delay in Trial
August 27, 2009
At last, for the first time, Geron offers an explanation for the FDA-imposed hold on its highly publicized human embryonic stem cell clinical trial.

Russian Stem Cell Company Plans IPO
August 25, 2009
Russia's Human Stem Cell Institute has announced that it is seeking funding from investors in what promises to be Russia's first initial public offering in over a year.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Failure
August 25, 2009
Doctors in Houston use autologous adult stem cell therapy to treat heart failure in an FDA-approved clinical trial.

Skin Cells Turned into Retinal Cells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
August 24, 2009
Through iPS cell technology, scientists turn ordinary skin cells into retinal cells.

New Adult Stem Cell Facility Opens in Maryland
Washington Business Journal
August 24, 2009
The company RNL Biostar has announced the opening of a new adult stem cell R&D facility in Germantown, Maryland.

Olympic Medalist Endorses Cord Blood Bank
August 24, 2009
The Olympic medalist Shannon Miller has signed a marketing endorsement partnership with StemCyte, one of the world's leading cord blood banks.

Four-Year Prison Term Sought in South Korea for Stem Cell Fraud
August 24, 2009
Prosecutors in South Korea have recommended a four-year prison term for Hwang Woo-suk, whose fraudulent stem cell reports caused an international scandal.

India Boasts Profitable Adult Stem Cell Market
The Wall Street Journal
August 23, 2009
While other countries are still trying to figure out what their federal regulatory laws should be, India is providing a fertile, friendly, and profitable market for new adult stem cell companies.

New NIH Director Emphasizes Practical Science
Associated Press
August 23, 2009
Dr. Francis Collins, the newly appointed director of NIH, states his intention for a practical, scientific focus at NIH.

UC-Davis Receives Adult Stem Cell Grants
News Release, Huntington's Disease Society of America
August 22, 2009
The University of California at Davis has been awarded two separate multi-million-dollar grants for the study of adult stem cells in the treatment of various neurodegenerative and blood diseases.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Parkinson's
The Times of India
August 21, 2009
Doctors in India are using autologous adult stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease in a 55-year-old patient.

Watching Adult Stem Cells Repair the Brain
Stem Cells
August 21, 2009
In an innovative application of laboratory technology, scientists observe a "movie" of adult stem cells in the process of repairing the brain.

Adult Stem Cells Evaluated for the Treatment of Stroke
August 21, 2009
The adult stem cell company Stemedica has requested a meeting with the FDA as the first step in the clinical evaluation of its proprietary adult stem cell product for the treatment of ischemic stroke.

Adult Stem Cells Perk Up Pooch
August 20, 2009
Another ailing dog benefits from autologous adult stem cell therapy.

Pro-Embryo Group Sues NIH
August 20, 2009
A group describing themselves as "pro-embryo" has filed a lawsuit against NIH, claiming that the new stem cell policy of the Obama administration violates federal law.

Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Delayed
The New York Times
August 18, 2009
The Geron Corporation reports a new delay in its clinical trial, which was scheduled to be the first clinical trial ever conducted with human embryonic stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Failure
U.S. News & World Report
August 18, 2009
More and more clinical trials are using adult stem cells for the treatment of heart failure, with consistently positive results.

Wanted: Adult Stem Cell Donors
The Washington Post
August 18, 2009
The world's largest bone marrow registry is now accepting donations for adult stem cells.

Stroke Patient Heads to Germany for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
KXMBTV Bismarck
August 14, 2009
A U.S. woman who suffered a stroke during childbirth is planning to travel to Germany for adult stem cell therapy that is not available in the United States.

A New Quiet Leader is Emerging in the Adult Stem Cell Industry
August 14, 2009
A quiet yet impressive revolution is occurring within the adult stem cell industry in an unlikely location: Cleveland, Ohio.

Stem Cell Tourism on the Rise
New Hampshire Public Radio
August 13, 2009
Special opportunities, and dangers, are presented by the mass exodus of a growing number of patients who venture beyond the borders of their homeland in search of stem cell therapies in foreign countries, not all of which are scientifically legitimate.

Screening Method for Cancer Stem Cells Developed
August 13, 2009
Researchers are developing drugs that can specifically target and kill cancer stem cells, thereby adding fuel to the debate over a view of cancer which is still largely regarded as hypothetical.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Ailments
August 12, 2009
Scientists announce promising results in the use of autologous adult stem cells for the treatment of heart damage.

NIH Awards Stem Cell Grant for the Study of Autism
August 11, 2009
Children's Hospital of Orange County, California announces that it is the recipient of a $3 million NIH grant for the collection and study of stem cells in autistic children.

Cord Blood America Announces Opening of New Laboratory
August 11, 2009
One of the largest cord blood stem cell preservation companies in the world, Cord Blood America announces the opening of a new facility later in the year.

More Veterinary Success Seen With Adult Stem Cells
The Washington Times
August 10, 2009
Once again, the successful use of autologous adult stem cells for the treatment of animals is in the news.

Clinical Trial Uses Adult Stem Cells to Treat Diabetes
University of Wisconsin News and Events
August 10, 2009
A new clinical trial at the University of Wisconsin at Madison is using mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of patients with Type 1 diabetes.

BioTime Appoints New V.P. of Stem Cell Research
August 10, 2009
The biopharmaceutical and regenerative medicine company BioTime has announced the appointment of Dr. Walter Funk as Vice President of Stem Cell Research.

Adult Stem Cells Heal Arthritic Dog
August 8, 2009
Once again, autologous adult stem cell therapy is successfully used to treat man's best friend.

Novartis Acquires Opexa's Adult Stem Cell Technology
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
August 7, 2009
Biotech giant Novartis agrees to pay $4 million to Opexa Therapeutics for its proprietary adult stem cell technology.

Athersys Seeks Commercial Partners
August 6, 2009
The pharmaceutical company Athersys Inc. has announced that it is seeking commercial partners for the development and testing of its stem cell and drug therapies.

Proteomics Applied to Stem Cells
Cell Stem Cell
August 6, 2009
Scientists apply principles of proteomics to embryonic stem cells in order to learn more about cellular differentiation.

Genzyme Receives EU Approval for Adult Stem Cell Mobilization Product
Genzyme Press Release
August 5, 2009
The biotech company Genzyme has received approval from the European Commission for the use of its product Mozobil in the treatment of patients with lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

DARA and America Stem Cell Announce Strategic Alliance
August 4, 2009
The biotech companies DARA BioSciences and America Stem Cell announce their collaboration in adult stem cell research for the treatment of hematological disorders.

Mouse Tooth Created from Mouse Stem Cells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
August 3, 2009
Scientists in Japan have created a bioengineered tooth from mouse stem cells.

Journal Retracts Report Claiming Sperm Created From Stem Cells
Associated Press
July 31, 2009
Scientists retract an article published earlier this month in which they had reported the creation of human sperm from stem cells.

Placental Stem Cells Treat Lung Disease
Cell Transplantation
July 29, 2009
Researchers in Italy use adult stem cells derived from the placenta in the treatment of various lung diseases in animals.

New Findings Shed Light on Parkinson's Disease
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
July 29, 2009
Researchers discover how the cellular pathology of Parkinson's disease spreads throughout the brain, thereby offering insights into the use of stem cell therapy as a treatment for the disease.

Three Nebraska Universities Receive Grants for Adult Stem Cell Research
Omaha World Herald
July 28, 2009
The state of Nebraska has awarded grants to three of its universities for nonembryonic stem cell research.

Bioheart Approved for Clinical Trial
July 28, 2009
The stem cell company Bioheart has announced FDA authorization to begin Phase I clinical trials for the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of heart failure.

Osiris Announces Milestone Payment in Diabetes Treatment
July 28, 2009
The adult stem cell company Osiris Therapeutics today announced the achievement of a milestone payment in the progress of its adult stem cell therapy for the treatment of Type I diabetes.

Federal Court Ruling Issued on Stem Cell Patent Dispute
July 27, 2009
A Federal Circuit judge has issued a ruling that settles a stem cell patent dispute.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Cancer
Times of India
July 27, 2009
Doctors in Mumbai use autologous adult stem cells to treat multiple myeloma.

Progress Made Toward an Implantable Bone
Nature Materials
July 26, 2009
Scientists in London are one step closer to developing replacement bone from adult stem cells.

Veterinary Adult Stem Cell Therapies Rapidly Progressing
July 24, 2009
Once again, veterinary stem cell therapies are in the news for their consistent success.

Heart Stem Cells Activated for Healing
July 24, 2009
Researchers demonstrate a new way to stimulate endogenous heart stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Gum Disease
July 24, 2009
Scientists in Australia have been awarded funding for the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of gum disease.

Mice Created From Skin Cells
Cell Stem Cell, Nature
July 23, 2009
Scientists in China have announced the succssful creation of mice from reprogrammed skin cells.

Human Diabetics Treated With Pig Cells
Associated Press
July 23, 2009
A number of scientists have expressed concern over new clinical trials in New Zealand which began today, in which cells from newborn pigs are implanted into human volunteers for the treatment of diabetes.

First Cardiac Stem Cell Infusion Performed
July 23, 2009
Researchers announce the successful performance of the world's first cardiac stem cell procedure.

Stem Cell Therapies Are Not Just for the Dogs
CBS 42 Austin
July 23, 2009
Vetrinarians in Austin, Texas are among the growing number of humans who are discovering that adult stem cell therapies are for the dogs.

Adult Stem Cells Act as Pacemaker
U.S. News & World Report
July 22, 2009
Researchers in Japan discover a natural "biological pacemaker" in adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue.

Leading Researcher Joins Cellular Dynamics
CDI Press Release
July 22, 2009
Cellular Dynamics International announced today that Junying Yu, Ph.D. has accepted an invitation to join the company.

NeoStem Featured on CBS
July 22, 2009
The biotech company NeoStem is featured on the CBS Sunday morning segment, "Eye on New York City", for their pioneering work with adult stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Alzheimer's in Animals
July 21, 2009
Scientists at the University of Central Florida announce significant improvement in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease following treatment with adult stem cells.

Enrollment Begins in Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Ischemic Stroke
July 21, 2009
The biotech company Stem Cell Therapeutics begins enrollment in a Phase IIb clinical trial for acute ischemic stroke.

Adult Stem Cells Restore Memory in Mice
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
July 21, 2009
Researchers at the University of California at Irvine report that adult stem cells help "rescue" declining memory in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease.

Heart Damage in Mice Repaired With iPS Cells
July 20, 2009
Induced pluripotent stem cells have been used in a mouse model to repair damaged heart tissue.

Engineering Students Demonstrate Sutures Embedded With Adult Stem Cells
Johns Hopkins News Release
July 20, 2009
Undergraduate biomedical engineering students at Johns Hopkins University demonstrate a novel type of suture embedded with adult stem cells for use in orthopedic, cardiac, obstetric, and other types of surgery.

Cord Blood America Highlights 2009 Stem Cell Progress
July 20, 2009
One of the nation's leading providers of umbilical cord blood stem cell banking offers an encouraging analysis of the industry by reviewing their own major milestones that have been achieved just within the first half of 2009.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Scleroderma
July 19, 2009
A man suffering from advanced scleroderma shows dramatic improvement after being treated with autologous adult stem cell therapy.

Canadian University Announces Major Adult Stem Cell Research Award on Horses
Guelph Press Release
July 18, 2009
Representatives at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada have announced that over $1 million in funding has been awarded to one of their graduate students for a major international research project on the development of adult stem cell therapies for the treatment of cartilage injuries in horses.

Stem Cells: A New Fad for Cosmetics
July 18, 2009
Although the cosmetics industry has jumped on the stem cell bandwagon with a new line of "stem cell" products, not everything is what it appears to be.

Arizona Man Travels to Central America for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
July 16, 2009
A man who was rendered paraplegic in a car accident 6 years ago travels from his home in Arizona to Central America for adult stem cell treatment.

Clinical Results From Embryonic Stem Cells are "Decades Away"
July 15, 2009
A review of recent, and not-so-recent, advances in stem cell science reveal that any clinical applications of embryonic stem cell research are still decades away.

Wisconsin Stem Cell Company Announces Licensing Agreement
July 15, 2009
As expected, Cellular Dynamics International announces yet another licensing agreement for iPS cell technology.

Adult Stem Cells Continue Going to the Dogs
WTHR Eyewitness News
July 15, 2009
Once again, the adult stem cell therapy pioneered by the veterinary company Vet-Stem comes to the rescue of man's best friend.

Veterinary Stem Cell Therapies Translate into Human Therapies
MIT Technology Review
July 14, 2009
Autologous adult stem cell therapies that are routinely used for the treatment of injuries and degenerative conditions in dogs and horses are now being translated into human clinical trials.

New NIH Stem Cell Guidelines are Slowing Research
July 14, 2009
The new Guidelines issued by NIH are seen by many embryonic stem cell scientists as an obstacle to research.

BioTime Receives Second Round of Funding
July 13, 2009
The embryonic stem cell company BioTime receives $4 million in its second equity tranche.

NIH received varied responses, some poignant, on stem-cell draft
Catholic News Service
July 12, 2009
There were approximately 49,000 comments sent into the NIH in response to a publicly available draft of the new guidelines to embryonic stem cell research.

New Technology Breakthroughs Showcased at Annual Stem Cell Conference
July 10, 2009
New advances in instrumentation and laboratory technology are featured at this year's ISSCR conference in Barcelona.

BioTime Announces Agreement With Millipore
July 9, 2009
BioTime's subsidiary, Embryome Sciences, enters into a co-marketing agreement with Millipore.

Human Sperm Created From Embryonic Stem Cells
Stem Cells and Development
July 9, 2009
Researchers in England announce the creation of human sperm from embryonic stem cells.

Cellular Dynamics Creates iPS Cells From Human Blood
CDI Press Release
July 8, 2009
Cellular Dynamics International announces a new breakthrough with iPS cells, having created the cells from human blood.

High School Coach Heads to Central America for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
AP Texas News
July 8, 2009
Yet another American bravely decides to travel overseas for adult stem cell therapy that was pioneered by U.S. doctors but which is not available in the United States.

New Director of NIH Chosen
The Wall Street Journal
July 8, 2009
President Obama nominates the former director of The Human Genome Project, Dr. Francis Collins, as the new director of the National Institutes of Health.

Bangor Family Heads to Central America for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
WABI TV Channel 5
July 8, 2009
Kenneth Kelley, an eight-year old child from the Bangor area will be the first person from Maine to receive adult stem cell therapy for autism.

Boston's biotech community leads wave of stem cell consolidation, deal making
Boston Business Journal
July 8, 2009
Merger of IZumi Bio and Pierian Inc was announced, with the new company being named IPierian.

NIH Issues New Guidelines
The New York Times
July 7, 2009
The U.S. National Institutes of Health releases the final version of its widely anticipated stem cell guidelines.

New Members Added to BioTime's Board of Directors
July 7, 2009
BioTime, Inc. elects 4 new members to its Board of Directors.

Geron and GE Form Partnership
The Wall Street Journal
July 1, 2009
Geron Corporation and General Electric have announced the signing of a global licensing agreement for the development and commercialization of embryonic stem cell technology in drug screening.

Heart Stem Cells Heal Heart
June 29, 2009
Doctors in Los Angeles are testing a method for using the heart's own stem cells to heal damaged heart tissue.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Diabetes
June 29, 2009
The adult stem cell product Prochymal, developed by Osiris Therapeutics, is now being used in the treatment of type I diabetes.

New York State to Pay Women for Egg Donation
The Washington Post
June 26, 2009
In a controversial decision which is in clear violation of national guidelines, the state of New York has announced that it will allow taxpayer dollars to be used to pay women for selling their eggs to embryonic stem cell research.

Texas Woman Travels to Central America for Adult Stem Cell Treatment
June 25, 2009
Once again, a U.S. citizen is forced to travel overseas for an adult stem cell therapy which was pioneered by U.S. doctors but which is not available in the United States.

Aastrom Resumes Clinical Trial Following FDA Clearance
June 18, 2009
The FDA has lifted a halt that it imposed last month on a Phase II clinical trial conducted by Aastrom Biosciences, following an investigation into the death of a patient which was determined to be unrelated to the treatment.

Obama Scraps Bioethics Council
The New York Times
June 17, 2009
Obama has abruptly dismissed the President's Council on Bioethics, telling members of the Council that their services are no longer needed.

Adult Stem Cell Companies Seen as Profitable Investment
Fortune Magazine
June 16, 2009
In an article entitled, "Adult Stem Cells are a Promising Market", investment analysts cite the many financial and scientific advantages of adult stem cells over embryonic stem cells.

NeoStem Signs Adult Stem Cell Agreement in China
June 15, 2009
The U.S. company NeoStem announces the signing of a new 10-year agreement with the Shanghai-based corporation Enhance BioMedical Holdings for the development of a network of adult stem cell treatment centers in China.

Stem Cell Stress Causes Gray Hair
June 12, 2009
A new study sheds light on the ways by which damaged stem cells cause gray hair.

Autism Treated With Adult Stem Cells
June 9, 2009
A New York woman reports that her ten-year-old autistic daughter has significantly improved after receiving adult stem cell therapy in Germany.

NIH Receives Nearly 50,000 Comments
June 5, 2009
Nearly 50,000 people have submitted their opinions to the National Institutes of Health regarding the new stem cell guidelines.

Adult Stem Cells Restore Sight
June 5, 2009
Three people in Australia have regained their sight after receiving a novel type of adult stem cell therapy.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis
American Journal of Pathology
June 4, 2009
Mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton's jelly are found to improve pulmonary fibrosis.

Pros and Cons of the New NIH Guidelines
The Washington Post
June 3, 2009
As scientists await the final version of the NIH stem cell guidelines, expected in early July, the draft already proposed continues to attract debate.

Cellular Dynamics and Mount Sinai Sign Licensing Agreement
May 29, 2009
The Madison, Wisconsin stem cell startup company, Cellular Dynamics, has announced the licensing of cardiovascular cells from New York's Mount Sinai Medical School.

First Patient Treated in Clinical Trial for Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Fate Therapeutics Press Release
May 27, 2009
The adult stem cell company Fate Therapeutics announces treatment of the first patient in a Phase 1b clinical trial for hematopoietic stem cell support.

Embryonic Stem Cell Advocates Protest NIH Guidelines
The Washington Post
May 25, 2009
Embryonic stem cell scientists complain that the new NIH guidelines would severely restrict the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

Children's Hospital of Boston and Fate Therapeutics Sign IP Deal
May 20, 2009
The adult stem cell company Fate Therapeutics has announced a licensing agreement with Children's Hospital of Boston.

Pluristem Announces Clinical Trial Site, and Receives Patent For Adult Stem Cell Expansion Method
May 19, 2009
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a patent to Pluristem Therapeutics for the invention of a novel method of expanding hemopoietic stem cells.

Growth Factor Improves Cognition
PLoS One
May 16, 2009
Scientists demonstrate that G-CSF can make you smarter.

Adult Human Stem Cells Treat Liver Failure in Mice
May 15, 2009
Scientists use human adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood to reverse liver failure in mice.

Adult Stem Cells Attenuate Immune Rejection
Journal of Immunology
May 15, 2009
Scientists demonstrate that adult stem cells from bone grafts extend cardiac transplant survival through immune modulation.

Horse Wins Event After Adult Stem Cell Treatment
May 14, 2009
A top British events horse has bounced back to victory after receiving autologous adult stem cell therapy for a tendon injury.

Biomechanical Forces Stimulate Blood Stem Cell Production
May 13, 2009
Researchers have traced the embryological development of blood stem cells to mechanical forces produced by the early embryological heart.

Brain Injuries Targeted for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
May 13, 2009
Researchers propose adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue as a therapy for traumatic brain injury.

State Panel Bans Human-Animal Hybrids
U.S. News & World Report
May 12, 2009
The Louisiana State Legislature has banned the creation of human-animal hybrids.

Two U.S. Adult Stem Cell Companies Form Collaboration in Asia
May 11, 2009
The biotech companies Neostem and Regenerative Sciences have signed a licensing agreement for the commercialization of adult stem cell technology throughout Asia.

Genzyme Reports Clinical Data and Business Updates
May 9, 2009
At its Analyst Day Meeting today, the biotech company Genzyme announced new updates to clinical data and business developments.

Cytori and General Electric Agree Upon Collaboration
May 8, 2009
Cytori Therapeutics and GE Healthcare announce a marketing collaboration for adult stem cell technology.

Stem Cells Return Lost Hearing
Journal Stem Cells
May 5, 2009
British scientists turn fetal stem cells into auditory receptors in an animal model.

Pfizer and the University of Wisconsin Form Licensing Agreement
May 5, 2009
In yet another merger of Big Pharma and academia, two of the world's leading research entities join forces for combined stem cell R&D.

Patient Enrollment Beginning for Adult Stem Cell Trial
Texas Heart Institute Announcement
May 1, 2009
The Texas Heart Institute in Houston is currently enrolling patients with various cardiovascular conditions for clinical adult stem cell trials.

Pfizer and University College London Form Licensing Agreement
April 29, 2009
Big Pharma and academia team up for a new venture in regenerative medicine.

South Korea Conditionally Lifts Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban
April 29, 2009
The National Committee on Bioethics in Seoul has agreed to approve a new embryonic stem cell research project, subject to certain conditions.

Cornell Conducts Adult Stem Cell Study on Horses
April 25, 2009
A group of veterinarians at Cornell University has conducted a controlled study in which autologous adult stem cells were evaluated in the treatment of tendon injuries in horses.

Adult Stem Cells From Fat Help Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Journal of Translational Medicine
April 24, 2009
Three patients with multiple sclerosis show significant improvement after being treated with their own fat-derived adult stem cells.

NIH Issues Guidelines Restricting Embryonic Stem Cell Research
United Press International
April 17, 2009
The U.S. National Institutes of Health have released a draft of guidelines for human embryonic stem cell research, limiting the use of federal funds to research on "spare" embryos that were originally created for reproductive purposes only.

Adult Stem Cells Treat Stroke Patients in Clinical Trial
April 16, 2009
In an FDA-approved clinical trial, the first patient to receive an adult stem cell therapy for the treatment of stroke shows significant improvement.

Equine Stem Cell Technique to be Tested in People
April 15, 2009
Scientists in London announce that a novel adult stem cell therapy which has already been successfully used in race horses for repairing damaged Achilles tendons will now be tested on people.

Pluripotent Stem Cells Created From Monocytes
April 14, 2009
Scientists in Germany create pluripotent stem cells from human adult monocytes.

Common Virus Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Molecular Therapy
April 14, 2009
Researchers in Canada have discovered the ability of an ordinary harmless virus to selectively target and kill breast cancer stem cells.

Stem Cells Produce Mammalian Ova Throughout Life
Nature Cell Biology
April 12, 2009
A popular dogma is overturned as scientists discover that mammalian females are not born with a finite number of ova, as previously thought, but instead continue to produce new ova throughout life.

Cryo-Cell in The Black
April 9, 2009
First-quarter financial data for one of the world's leading cord blood banks indicate a healthy profit.

Embryonic Stem Cells Reveal Clues About Myelin
April 9, 2009
Researchers unravel the cellular mechanisms of myelin formation from human embryonic stem cells.

Man's Best Friend Improves With Adult Stem Cell Therapy
April 8, 2009
Once again, our 4-legged canine friends are reaping the benefits of adult stem cell therapy.

Nobel Laureate Develops Identification Method for Self-Renewing Pancreatic Cells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
April 8, 2009
Dr. Mario Capecchi demonstrates a novel method for identifying a population of cells within the human pancreas that behave like adult stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells Used in Reconstructive Breast Surgery
MIT Technology Review
April 6, 2009
Autologous adult stem cells are becoming increasingly common in reconstructive as well as cosmetic breast procedures.

Heart Stem Cells Regenerate Cardiac Tissue Throughout Lifetime
April 3, 2009
Scientists conduct further research into the natural regeneration of human cardiac cells throughout life.

Osiris Begins Phase II Clinical Trial With Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Heart Attack
The Austin American Statesman
April 1, 2009
After having yielded extremely positive data in Phase I clinical trials, with extremely strong results that demonstrate robust clinical safety, Osiris Therapeutics begins Phase II clinical trials for its Prochymal adult stem cell therapy in the regeneration of cardiac tissue following myocardial infarction.

Heart Attack Treated With Adult Stem Cells
U.S. News and World Report
March 31, 2009
Doctors use autologous adult stem cells to treat heart attack patients.

Amniotic Fluid a Rich Source of Stem Cells
American Society of Hematology
March 31, 2009
Cells with a strong hematopoietic potential are discovered in amniotic fluid.

Stem Cell Therapies Go to the Dogs, Horses and Camels
San Diego Business Journal
March 30, 2009
Once again, intrepid four-legged patients are blazing new trails in adult stem cell therapy.

Induced Pluripotent Cells Created From Blood
American Society of Hematology
March 30, 2009
Scientists have created the first iPS cells from human peripheral blood.

Spinal Cord Injuries Treated With Adult Stem Cells
Cell Transplantation
March 28, 2009
Scientists demonstrate both safety and feasibility of an adult stem cell therapy for the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

Act of Congress Offers Financial Incentive for Cord Blood Banking
March 27, 2009
New legislation in the U.S. allows for tax benefits in the banking of adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood.

A Safer Way to Reprogram Cells
March 26, 2009
Scientists develop a "safer", but still not completely safe, way to create induced pluripotent stem cells, without the need for harmful retroviral vectors.

Members of The President's Council on Bioethics Object to Obama's Stem Cell Policy
The Hastings Center
March 26, 2009
Over half the members of the President's Council on Bioethics have issued a letter of objection in which they formally protest President Obama's new stem cell policy.

First Clinical Trial With Human Stem Cells Approved In India
The Times of India
March 25, 2009
The biotech company Stempeutics has received regulatory authorization to commence the first clinical trial ever to be conducted with human stem cells in India, for the use of adult stem cell therapy in the treatment of two different diseases.

Growing New Cartilage With Your Own Adult Stem Cells
The Scotsman
March 25, 2009
Scientists in Scotland have developed a new technique for growing cartilage with adult stem cells.

Old Dogs Learn New Stem Cell Tricks
March 20, 2009
Unburdened with a canine equivalent of the FDA, elderly dogs in Australia are learning how to be young again, thanks to adult stem cell therapy.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Shows Progress
March 19, 2009
Opexa Therapeutics shows strong preclinical data for its autologous adult stem cell diabetes therapy.

Growing a New Heart With Adult Stem Cells
March 18, 2009
Humans are beginning to emulate salamanders in their regenerative abilities.

Teeth as a Form of Health Insurance
The Chronicle
March 18, 2009
Mothers of toddlers in England are being encouraged to store the baby teeth of their children as a future source of stem cells.

Heart Patients Report Dramatic Improvement with Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Clinical Trials
March 15, 2009
In FDA-approved clinical trials conducted in the U.S. with autologous adult stem cell therapy, heart patients show swift and significant improvement.

Common Enzyme Sheds Light on Health and Disease
Developmental Cell
March 13, 2009
An enzyme which is well known for its connection to a number of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, now appears to play an important role in healthy brain maintenance.

A High-Profile Proponent of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Sharply Criticizes Obama's Policy
The Washington Post
March 13, 2009
In an op-ed article published today in The Washington Post and entitled "Obama's 'Science' Fiction", the Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist and commentator who is also a former U.S. Presidential Science Advisor as well as a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and who has been a paraplegic since 1972, Dr. Charles Krauthammer issues a harsh and incisive criticism of Obama's policy on embryonic stem cell research.

Geron Seen as Scientifically and Financially Risky
March 11, 2009
Doctors, scientists, and now also institutional investors lack confidence in Geron's highly publicized upcoming clinical trial with human embryonic stem cells.

Obama Signs Law Restricting Federal Funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Associated Press
March 11, 2009
In signing the Omnibus spending bill, which contains the Dickey-Wicker Amendment that is at the heart of the embryonic stem cell controversy, President Obama today renewed the law that still makes the use of federal funds for the destruction of a human embryo illegal.

How to Mend a Broken Heart
March 10, 2009
Adult stem cell therapy continues to yield significant improvement in patients with a variety of heart problems.

Obama Rescinds Bush-Era Executive Order Pushing for More Ethical Stem Cell Research
March 10, 2009
Among other national policies that were signed into and out of law yesterday with the stroke of a pen, Obama also formally rescinded President Bush's Executive Order that advocated research into non-embryonic sources of stem cells, such as adult stem cells and iPS cells.

Obama Decrees Changes in Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Though Not What One Might Expect
The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CNN News
March 9, 2009
Amid great publicity, fanfare, and confusion, President Barack Obama reverses some, but not all, of the laws that previously governed stem cell research.

Former Director of N.I.H. Explains Why Embryonic Stem Cells are Obsolete
U.S. News and World Report
March 4, 2009
Dr. Bernardine Healy, the former Director of the National Institutes of Health, as well as the former Director of the American Red Cross, the former President of the American Heart Association, and a former Dean of the College of Medicine and Public Health at Ohio State University, has written an article in U.S. News and World Report entitled "Why Embryonic Stem Cells Are Obsolete".

Japanese Company Conducts Clinical Trials with Adult Stem Cells
February 27, 2009
JCR Pharmaceuticals has begun clinical trials for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease with mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow.

More Canine Cures Achieved With Adult Stem Cells
Chicago Tribune
February 22, 2009
The California company Vet-Stem continues its success in treating man's best friend with adult stem cells.

Doctors in Spain Use Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Crohn's Disease
February 21, 2009
Following the success obtained in other countries with the same procedure, doctors in Spain are using adult stem cells to treat patients with Crohn's disease.

Parkinson's Disease Successfully Treated with Adult Stem Cells
Bentham Open Stem Cell Journal
February 17, 2009
Scientists at the Los Angeles Neurosurgical Institute have reported the first successful reversal of Parkinson's disease with an adult neural stem cell transplantation. Additionally, the therapy was followed by long-term monitoring of the patient in whom safety was also demonstrated as well as efficacy.

Fetal Stem Cell Therapy Could Prove Fatal
PLoS Medicine
February 17, 2009
A young boy who was treated with fetal stem cell therapy developed a life-threatening tumor which was directly traced to the fetal stem cells that he received.

Blindness Successfully Treated with Adult Stem Cells
Fort Collins Coloradoan
February 15, 2009
Adult stem cell therapy in China successfully treats a 16-year-old girl who was born blind.

Endometrial Regenerative Cells Inhibit Cancer
Cell Cycle
February 15, 2009
The remarkable, highly potent adult stem cells known as endometrial regenerative cells have been found to inhibit gliomal growth.

Geron's Efforts in Europe are Thwarted
February 13, 2009
Geron's worldwide license for embryonic stem cell technology is decreed invalid in Europe.

Ordinary Skin Cells are Reprogrammed to Beat as Heart Cells
Circulation Research
February 12, 2009
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have shown that ordinary, non-stem-cell, skin cells can be reprogrammed into heart cells.

Osiris Demonstrates Exceptional Performance of Adult Stem Cell Product in Clinical Trial
February 12, 2009
The adult stem cell company Osiris Therapeutics has announced its final set of two-year results from its clinical trial for Prochymal, one of its adult stem cell products, which has met and surpassed all performance expectations.

The Stem Cell Revolution
Time Magazine Cover Story
February 9, 2009
In a highly biased and inaccurately distorted report, Time Magazine once again features stem cells as a cover story.

South Korea Delays Decision on Cloning
The Korea Times
February 7, 2009
With the Hwang Woo-suk fraud scandal of 2005 still fresh in their national memory, the government of South Korea postpones its verdict on stem cell research.

Healthcare Conglomerate Buys Adult Stem Cell Company in $100 Million Acquisition
February 6, 2009
The company that had licensed 13 patents from NASA for the expansion of adult stem cells in a weightless environment has been acquired for $100 million.

Scientists Unlock the Mystery Behind Cancer Stem Cell Radiation Resistance
February 4, 2009
Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have solved the mystery of why some types of cancers are resistant to radiation.

Nanotubes Expedite the Healing Power of Stem Cells
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
February 1, 2009
At the intersection of nanotechnology and biology, scientists combine small-scale engineering with medical therapies.

California Embryonic Stem Cell Funding is Delayed
January 31, 2009
In yet another indication of a globally stressed economy, and in yet another setback to embryonic stem cell research, the state of California has announced that it must delay the distribution of nearly $60 million in stem cell grant money.

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Improve After Adult Stem Cell Therapy
The Lancet Neurology
January 30, 2009
Doctors in Chicago use adult stem cells derived from bone marrow to halt and reverse the progression of multiple sclerosis.

California's Stem Cell Progress Revisited
San Jose Mercury News
January 28, 2009
Nearly 5 years after the controversial Proposition 71 was voted into law, and with very little concrete progress to show for it, scientists are reevaluating the field of embryonic stem cell research in California.

Neuralstem Receives Patent for Neural Stem Cell Immortalization Technology
January 26, 2009
The company Neuralstem has been awarded a patent for its proprietary technology to immortalize human neural stem cells.

FDA Approves First Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trial
U.S. News and World Report
January 23, 2009
The biotech company Geron has received FDA approval to conduct the first human clinical trial with embryonic stem cells.

Mesoblast Announces Approval of First Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial Utilizing Adult Stem Cells
Press Release
January 20, 2009
The Australia-based company Mesoblast Limited announces institutional approval to begin the first human clinical trials of adult stem cell treatment for the prevention of osteoarthritis in the knee after acute traumatic injury.

Opexa Briefs Shareholders on Corporate Update
January 20, 2009
Opexa Therapeutics holds an informative briefing on both executive and scientific company news.

Corneal Blindness in the U.K. to be Treated with Aborted Fetal Stem Cells
January 19, 2009
In a controversial ruling, the Scottish company ReNeuron has received authorization to conduct a clinical trial in which patients will be treated for corneal blindness with stem cells harvested from aborted human fetuses.

Cardiac Dysfunction Secondary to Diabetes is Treated with Adult Stem Cells
Medical Science Monitor
January 18, 2009
Scientists in Egypt demonstrate the ability of bone marrow stem cells to treat chronic cardiac disease that is associated with diabetes.

Muscular Dystrophy Treated with Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells
Journal of Translational Medicine
January 14, 2009
Researchers in Brazil have demonstrated improvement in muscular dystrophy patients following treatment with adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood.

Versatile Stem Cells Found in Testes
San Francisco Chronicle
January 13, 2009
Researchers at Stanford University have identified and isolated a population of highly potent adult stem cells from adult human testes.

Pluristem to Begin Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trials for Critical Limb Ischemia
Medical News Today
January 13, 2009
Pluristem Therapeutics has announced filing of applications with both the U.S. and European regulatory agencies to initiate clinical trials in the treatment of critical limb ischemia with adult stem cells.

Human-Animal Hybrid Experimentation in the U.K. is Halted
The Telegraph
January 13, 2009
Research in the United Kingdom with human-animal hybrid experimentation has ground to a halt due to lack of funding.

Stem Cells in the Common Fruit Fly Shed Light on Human Genetics
January 9, 2009
Once again, Drosophila melanogaster enlightens the field of human medical science, this time with its stem cells.

Joint Venture Announced Between U.S. and Korean Stem Cell Companies
Business Wire
January 9, 2009
Advanced Cell Technology and CHA Biotech announce the formation of a new stem cell company through a joint venture agreement.

Scientists Regenerate Various Tissue Types by Stimulating the Body's Own Stem Cells
Cell Stem Cell
January 8, 2009
As an alternative to treating patients with someone else's stem cells, researchers have improved upon the process of stimulating the body's own reservoir of endogenous adult stem cells.

Physical Exercise Stimulates Neural Stem Cells and Sharpens Cognitive Function
Book: "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain"
January 8, 2009
A Harvard Medical School professor starts a new fad when he discovers the link between physical exercise, brain stem cells, and intelligence.

Adult Stem Cell "Beads" are Used in the Treatment of Stroke
January 8, 2009
Tiny beads packed with bioengineered stem cells are used to treat patients for stroke.

Osiris Receives $5 Million Milestone Payment
January 8, 2009
The adult stem cell company Osiris Therapeutics reaches a production milestone in its agreement with NuVasive.

Genzyme on Track to Meet 2011 Financial Goal
January 7, 2009
After reporting strong fourth-quarter growth, Genzyme announces an optimistic economic forecast.

Cord Blood America Begins a Media Campaign via Social Networking Websites
January 6, 2009
The umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company, Cord Blood America, announces a new campaign to engage the attention and interest of clients, investors and the general public through the new platform of social networking technology.

International Stem Cell Corporation Receives First Round of Funding
January 5, 2009
The California based biotechnology company ISCO receives the first $1 million tranche of private equity funding.


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