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Statement From The Stem Cell Institute Regarding Decision to Close Costa Rican Operations
June 7, 2010
The Stem Cell Institute announced today that it proactively and independently made the business decision in early June to close its clinic and lab in Costa Rica and centralize all operations in Panama City, Panama. This decision was made voluntarily.

Stem Cells for Spinal Cord Injury
Park et al. Glia. 2010 Jul;58(9):1118-32.
Human mesenchymal stem cell-derived Schwann cell-like cells exhibit neurotrophic effects, via distinct growth factor production, in a model of spinal cord injury.

Pluristem's Off-The-Shelf Placenta-Derived Cell Therapies
Pluristem Press Release
May 20, 2010
Universal donor cells for treatment of critical limb ischemia can be administered several times at a number that is limited only by the desire of the physician to escalate the dose.

Cellmedicine Stem Cell Clinic Case Report of Successful Treatment of Heart Failure Patient Published
Cellmedicine Press Release
May 17, 2010
Cellmedicine announced publication of a paper in the peer reviewed journal, International Archives of Medicine, of a patient with terminal heart failure who underwent profound recovery after receiving adult stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells Restore Tissue Affected By Acute Lung Injury
Frontier India Pharmaceutical News
May 17, 2010
Human mesenchymal stem cell may have therapeutic potential clinically in patients with severe acute lung injury.

Success Stems From Adult Cells
Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow
May 17, 2010
Adult stem cells such as the ones derived from the bone marrow have been used successfully not only in the treatment of heart failure, but other diseases such as liver failure, type 2 diabetes, and prevention of amputation in patients having poor circulation in the legs.

Identification of Peptides Which Show Potential To Generate Cancer Stem Cell Specific Immune Responses
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Inc Press Release
May 17, 2010
Company claims to have identified several peptides which can generate T-cells capable of killing cells that express the protein CD133 found in high abundance on cancer stem cells.

Dylan's hope (Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy)
Alex Paul,
May 16, 2010
Dr. Joanne Kurtzburg from Duke University has been the first to perform stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy in the US under the regulations of the FDA. This recent story provides a personal description of one of the patients treated.

Hope for Brain Injury Victims
May 16, 2010
Recent studies have demonstrated that animals in which TBI was induced, the administration of bone marrow stem cells results in regeneration of damaged areas.

Stem Cells Regrow Crucial Hearing Cells in Mice
Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor
May 13, 2010
Recently a study led by Dr. Kazuo Oshima of Stanford University in California demonstrated that it is possible to generate the cells in the ear that are responsible for hearing from two types of mouse stem cells.

Stem Cells Have GPS to Generate Proper Nerve Cells
May 12, 2010
The regulation of stem cell homing by Hox genes may lead to strategies for rewiring neurons after injury has occurred in situations such as cerebral palsy or stroke.

Natural Compound in Broccoli Slows Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Pam Stephan, Guide to Breast Cancer
May 11, 2010
A recent study demonstrated that Sulforaphane, a dietary component of broccoli/broccoli sprouts, inhibits breast cancer stem cells.

Transient Inhibition of Transforming Growth Factor-{beta}1 in Human Diabetic CD 34+ Cells Enhances Vascular Reparative Functions
Bhatwadekar et al. Diabetes.
May 11, 2010
It was found that after inhibition of TGF-beta the ability of the CD34 cells to produce new blood vessels was substantially increased. Numerous disease conditions can benefit from increasing the number of healthy new blood vessels.

Biomedical Ethics in a Brave, New World
Ken Camp, Baptist Standard
May 7, 2010
Adult stem cells are not only acceptable, but in some cases endorsed as an alternative to embryonic stem cells.

Muscular Dystrophy Sufferers Hope New Treatment Can Answer Prayers
Jemelle Holopirek, KAKE 10 News
May 4, 2010
Two Muscular Dystrophy patients treated with stem cells gain weight and muscle biopsies show normal amounts of dystrophin.

Stem cells back from outer space may solve mysterious illnesses of astronauts
Mercury News, Olga Kuchment
April 19, 2010
Astronauts have a much higher incidence of infections in comparison to humans living under normal gravity. Dr. Millie Hughes-Fulford is trying to figure out what may cause this difference by studying stem cells.

Saginaw stem-cell therapy study breaking new ground
The Saginaw News, Deborah Brown
April 18, 2010
Osiris Therapeutics has developed a clinical product called Prochymal, that consists of expanded bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. This product has been demonstrated safe by intravenous infusion and perhaps more importantly, does not require matching with the recipient.

Can A Nutritional Supplement Grow Stem Cells?
Nursing Link
April 12th, 2010
Stem-Kine, a commercially available nutritional supplement, significantly elevated levels of two types of stem cells in circulation.

Stem-cell therapy feels Food and Drug Administration's pinch
Denver Post
April 12, 2010
In our opinion the use of patient's own stem cells without expansion may in some situations be acceptable for performance without FDA review, however, expanding cells in tissue culture is a very complex and difficult procedure.

Using Stem Cells to Study Alcohol Dependence
April 12, 2010
Dr. Stormy Chamberlain from the UConn Health Center is performing work using iPS cells to develop an in vitro model of alcoholism.

Magnetic Attraction of Stem Cells to Injured Heart Creates Potent Treatment
April 12, 2010
Scientists found that by applying magnetic fields to the heart, they could increase the number of injected stem cells that lodged into the heart by 3-times. This was accompanied by functional improvement.

Stem Cells Don't have to be Alive to Be Beneficial
Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2010 Apr; 58(3):136-142
This study suggests that mesenchymal stem cells seem to use the natural mechanisms of the body in order to generate new blood vessels.

Stem cell therapy shows early promise: Celgene
April 8, 2010
Today Celgene announced Phase I safety data on its placental mesenchymal stem cell product PDA-001 in a trial of 12 patients.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy in Clinical Trial
Aaron Saenz, Singularity Hub
April 8, 2010
It is very important to state that this study lays the groundwork for translation of numerous stem cell approaches that have previously been used for patient treatment outside of the US, for US approval.

Hope Through Stem Cell Therapy
Montrose Daily Press
March 21, 2010
Mary Posta suffers from multiple sclerosis. After a month spent receiving stem cell therapy she stated "I can walk and talk better, and there are other things." She adds "My memory seems to be better. I'm moving faster on thinking and talking, and I have a lot more energy."

Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Attacks: Timing is Everything
Ann Thorac Surg. 2010 Mar 5th; 89(3):829-35
The investigators found that HGF stimulated proliferation and activity of the myoblasts, and therefore believed that the decline in HGF may be one of the reasons for the decreased efficacy with time.

Histostem Works With Korean Government Agency to Provide Cord Blood Storage for Multicultural Families
Stem Cell Therapy International Press Release
March 5, 2010
The US company Amstem through subsidiary signed a partnership agreement with the Songpa-Gu Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, to provide umbilical cord blood banking to multicultural families for up to 15 years.

Butyrate Greatly Enhances Derivation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Promoting Epigenetic Remodeling and the Expression of Pluripotency-Associated Genes
Mali et al. Stem Cells
Mar 3, 2010
In a recent paper it was demonstrated that temporary treatment with butyrate increases efficacy of iPS generation by 15-51 fold using two techniques that are commonly used for generation of these cells.

Contract's end means changes for stem cell scene
Signe Brewster, The Badger Herald News
March 3, 2010
A new bank called Wisconsin International Stem Cell (WISC) Bank was formed. This bank offers not only the original 21 cell lines but also several newer types of embryonic stem cells, as well as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS).

Stem cells approved to treat 'orphan' disease
Dan Vergano, USA Today
May 3, 2010
Today the company Advanced Cell Technology obtained "Orphan Drug Status" of use of its embryonic stem cell derived product MA09-hRPE as a treatment for Stargardt's disease.

The Senescence-Related Mitochondrial/Oxidative Stress Pathway is Repressed in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Prigione et al. Stem Cells
March 3, 2010
These data suggest that iPS cells possess several important properties similar to embryonic stem cells, which further supports the possibility of interchangeably using ES and iPS cells for experimental purposes.

Dallas doctor uses stem cell injections in cosmetic surgery
March 1, 2010
Dr. Jeffrey Caruth, a Texas OBGYN who is performs cosmetic surgery has started using adult stem cells to increase the effectiveness of "fat grafting".

Cord blood stem cells help meet minority marrow needs
David Martin, CNN
March 1, 2010
The current story from CNN describes a personal experience of a lady, Diana Tirpak, who could not find a bone marrow donor so she was treated with cord blood stem cells to save her life.

Ahmedabad-based institutes get patent to use stem cells in kidney transplant
Shubhlakshmi Shukla,
February 28, 2010
The use of stem cells to circumvent the need for immune suppression during transplantation.

Coach's fight a team effort
Kevin Sherrington, Dallas News
February 27, 2010
Treatment for multiple sclerosis generally addresses symptoms, but when conventional approaches stop inducing responses, there are very little options left. One area of active investigation has been stem cell therapy.

Adult Stem Cells Healing Hearts
David Prentice, Family Research Council
February 26, 2010
In the treatment of patients with heart failure, Dr. David Prentice, discussed two studies in which adult stem cells appear to have some benefit.

Fat May Serve a Purpose in Stem Cell Research
Weight Loss Surgery Channel
February 26, 2010
Scientists used ... fat derived stem cells. This type of stem cell is very much a mesenchymal stem cell and possesses ability to transform into different tissues already.

Differential bone marrow stem cell mobilization by G-CSF injection or arterial ligation in baboons
Shi et al. J Cell Mol Med. 2009 Aug;13(8B):1896-906
This study suggests that different types of stem cells are "told" by conditions in the body to leave the bone marrow and to go into circulation.

Heart Stem Cells Move Closer to Human Treatments
By Amanda Gardner, HealthDay Reporter, Business Week
February 24, 2010
Patients who received stem cells from the bone marrow after mitral valve repair surgery had improved heart function with documented increases in the ability of the heart to pump blood.

Stem Cells for HIV?
Discussion on paper by Liang et al. J Gene Med. 2010 Feb 24;12(3):255-265.
One possible method of treating HIV would be if somehow one could induce the CCR5 mutation that is protective from HIV into the immune cells of patients.

Rewiring the Brain With Stem Cells
Ira Flatow,
January 22, 2010
Dr James Weinmann, senior author of the publication stated that stem cell-derived neurons can grow nerve fibers between the brain's cerebral cortex and the spinal cord, so this study confirms the use of stem cells for therapeutic goals.

Entest BioMedical Projecting Near Term Start Up of Study on Stem Cell and Laser Treatment for COPD at Bio-Matrix Scientific Group's Stem Cell Research Facility
Press Release
January 22, 2010
The publicly traded regenerative photoceutical company Entest BioMedical Inc. (OTCBB: ENTB) announced today it has began acquisition of laser-based devices for implementation of its ENT-576 program, a combination approach towards treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

New Approach Speeds Up Differentiation of Stem Cells
January 22, 2010
This is a very powerful tool that can be used for development of compounds which, like Stem-Kine, may be useful in increasing generation of new blood vessels.

Change of heart: Stem-cell patient finds new life
Thomas Lankford, Arizona Republic
January 21, 2010
Dr. Nabil Dib from Arizona is so optimistic at the prospects of stem cell therapy that he actually believes that one day stem cell therapy will replace heart transplantation.

City of Hope receives contract to take stem cell research from 'bench to clinic'
Pasadena Star News, By Emma Gallegos, Staff Writer
January 21, 2010
Today the City of Hope took a step closer to translating basic research into treatments with the announcement of a $8.6 million contract that was awarded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

First U.S. stem cells transplanted into spinal cord
Miriam Falco, CNN Medical News Managing Editor
January 21, 2010
Being the first FDA study for neural stem cells, it is anticipated that this approval will help to accelerate the field of cellular transplantation.

Embryonic Stem Cells Do Not Age After Oxidative Stress
By Guo et al. Stem Cell Dev.
January 21, 2010
Exposure to oxidative stress induced the stem cells to stop proliferating, which was believed to allow a re-organization of gene expression so as to not undergo cellular senescence.

Stem Cell Treatment for Leukemia Improved Transplant Technique Speeds Immune System Recovery
By Salynn Boyles, WebMD Health
January 19, 2010
The demonstration that cord blood can be successfully expanded outside of the body and administered to result in clinical benefit is a major step forward for the field of cell therapy

New Ways to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Thomas Gryta and Jon Kamp, Wall Street Journal
January 18, 2010
By growing cells in vitro that are capable of making myelin, Dr. Calabresi found that some drugs, such as an approved antidepressant, have ability to induce regeneration.

Cancer Stem Cells Suppress Immune Response Against Brain Tumor
January 17, 2010
Scientists at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center report in a medical paper that cancer stem cells actually suppress the immune system more potently as compared to cancer cells that are not stem cells.

Scientists turn stem cells into pork
January 15, 2010
Scientists at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands announced today creation of pig muscle from stem cells that one day may serve as a new food source.

Tooth Stem Cells Take a Bite Off T Cell Proliferation
Ding et al. Cells Tissues Organs.
January 14, 2010
The current paper is one of the first to demonstrate that tooth derived mesenchymal stem cells, like their cousins from the fat and bone marrow, are capable of inhibiting immune responses that previously were pathological.

Multiple sclerosis patient will take treatments at Cellmedicine
by Amy Hamilton, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
January 11, 2009
Advantages of fat stem cells include their high concentration of mesenchymal stem cells, which seem to be able to block autoimmune attack, which is the major problem in multiple sclerosis. Additionally, fat contains a type of "primed" T regulatory cells which are also known to block activity of T cells that are attacking the body, such as the myelin basic protein-reactive T cells that are the major problem in multiple sclerosis.

OHSU Evaluating Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Attack Damage
January 6, 2010
The Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) announced that it is recruiting patients that have had a heart attack in a clinical trial using adult stem cells.

Geron Sees Anticancer Activity in Lab Study
ABC News Money
January 5, 2010
The stem cell company Geron reported successful animal data in its anticancer drug candidate imetelstat. In the study, tumors were implanted into mice and imetelstat inhibited 60 percent to 70 percent of the tumors in up to five days.

Bioheart Makes Breakthrough in Critical Limb Ischemia Therapy with Stem Cells Obtained from Fat Tissue
Press Release
January 4, 2010
Bioheart announced some of their rationale for use of fat derived stem cells in critical limb ischemia, as well as a collaboration with TGI and a Czech University at clinically implementing fat stem cells.

Blocking Inflammation Receptor Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Study Finds
January 4, 2010
In the study, investigators demonstrated that the anti-organ rejection drug repertaxin alone, or when combined with classical chemotherapies, was capable of reducing the number of tumor stem cells, as well as suppressing ability of the tumors to develop metastases.

The Latest Front In the War on Arthritis
Wall Street Journal
January 4, 2010
With collaborators at Cornell University, Colorado State University and University of California, San Diego, a $1.7 million federal grant was awarded to investigate regeneration of cartilage in horses with the idea of initiating human trials in 2 years.

MyoD Helps Stem Cells Proliferate in Response to Muscle Injury
January 4, 2010
In a recent study published in the Jan. 4th issue of the Journal of Cell Biology, researchers at Case Western Reserve University discovered that MyoD plays a role not only in embryonic differentiation but also in response to injury of the muscle tissue.

Vitamin D and Platelet Rich Plasma Make Stem Cells into Bones
Biotechnol Lett. 2010 Jan 3, Feng et al.
While it has been known for years that mesenchymal stem cells are capable of becoming bone, this is the first time it was shown that something as simple to use such as platelet rich plasma can be used stimulate this process.


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