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Cousins Travel to Bangkok to Regain Heart Function

PR Web, April 9, 2007

Their lives are subjugated by continuous boundaries and they are anxious for control. That is why cousins Ann and Fay are preparing to take the necessary steps to reclaim their lives. They are sick of being sick.

One of the valves in Annís heart was destroyed and her heart began to fail due to a root canal treatment that got infected. She was locked in a constant state of being tired and she had difficulty breathing. As for Fay, she came out of a cardiomyopathy procedure a changed woman. Her heart no longer functioned properly. Just when she thought that she would be able to enjoy life, take care of herself, and live like everyone else, things changed radically. It wasnít fair.

The circumstances were overwhelming for both women.

"I believe in the Chinese saying that the mind resides in the heart, so not only was I experiencing physical disability but mental disability as well, with no hope of getting better," Fay said.

Ann began researching prospective treatments that would help both of them lead normal lives again. And she found information on adult stem cell therapy as a successful treatment for heart failure. She called the clinic and requested information to help the two decide if this would be an opportunity and not just a wish.

Ann pondered over the information and was basically 50/50 on the decision. But then over Thanksgiving, she found herself too weak to pick her grandson up off the floor.

"In that one instant, when he asked me to pick him up and I couldn't, my mind was made up," she said.

The cousins were ready for stem cells.

When consulting with doctors both women had different approaches. The fixation with drugs that is Western medicine, was a major turn-off for Fay.

"If you've got a headache or no appetite, or you can't sleep, they just give you more drugs, and my body doesn't like drugs. They just don't understand that, so they considered me uncooperative," she said.

Because of this reason, Fay did not consult her specialist about the stem cell therapy because she feared that she would receive a negative response and be discouraged about the treatment. The responsibility of stem cell treatment fell on her shoulders alone.

Ann chose to consult her physician and the answer was encouraging for her.

"They are doing great things with stem cells, but not here. However, if it doesn't work you will be no worse off than you are now," he said.

The two cousins were finally off. They traveled to Bangkok to undergo stem cell therapy to repair their compromised hearts.

"It has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is grand and people can't do enough for you. There is such a different attitude towards you as a patient. In the West if you are sick you are treated like an imbecile or a child. The hospital here was wonderful and everything was thoroughly explained," Fay said.

For Ann the experience was, "Just great! I never had a nurse at home pat my hand and tell me I was going to be all right. I needed somebody to tell me that," she said. "Do whatever you have to do to have this done, because immediately you can breathe again. I can exercise twice a day on a bicycle without pain," she enthused. Fay summed it up with, "In six months time I want to go dancing."

The cousinís hope that they can now lead normal lives. Hundreds of patients are now more energetic and pain-free. Ann and Fay hope to be among those who have had successful results with adult stem cell therapy.

"If people had the facts there wouldn't be any need for anything else. If you have the facts you can make a decision," Fay said.

The Bangkok clinic boasts a 75 percent success rate and uses their own proprietary adult stem cell product to treat patients. The figure is calculated using patient reports from actual clinical results.

According doctors at the clinic, the cousins were the perfect pair of patients. "Fay was insightful enough to take charge of her own health before she had no options left. Ann was very fortunate to have a doctor who was totally honest with her. It doesn't get much better than that. We have seen too many patients not that fortunate. Seeing Ann dancing just two weeks after getting her cells made my day, my week, and my month. It's a darned good sign, but we need to wait another six weeks or so to be sure."


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