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Stem Cell Treatment Leads to Improvement in New Jersey Man's Diabetes

PRWeb, June 15, 2007

Within one month after being treated with adult stem cells in Cologne, Germany, Calvin who is a retired Fire Captain from New Jersey is reporting lower blood glucose levels and decreased insulin doses. Calvin traveled to Germany with peripheral artery disease and erectile dysfunction resulting from his type 2 diabetes.

Using small amounts of his bone marrow, Calvin was treated at the XCell-Center with adult stem cells derived from his own body. Via the femoral artery, a minimally invasive procedure was used to introduce the stem cells to Calvin's pancreas directly. Stem cells were also introduced into the arteries that supply the penis and into his calves and thighs in order to alleviate the erectile dysfunction and peripheral artery disease that is common amongst complications associated with diabetes.

"Before scuba diving this past Sunday morning, I injected only 32% of my normal insulin dose. During the day, I ate normally - for a diabetic - without injecting any more insulin. That evening, I measured my blood sugar and I was astounded that it was only 126. A month ago, even with my full insulin doses, I never had readings below 170," said Calvin.

Calvin is not new to the process, over the past two years his current conditions are in fact the third, fourth, and fifth conditions he has received stem cells for. He was featured in Business Week Magazine after a January 2005 stem cell infusion for coronary artery disease. Then, using minimally invasive surgery he was treated again for ischemic cardiomyopathy in September of the same year.

"Actually, what really got my attention this past weekend was that I also felt a regeneration of heart function…and that was after a 3 km swim," Miller added with a grin.

Using autologous adult stem cell therapy to specialize in regenerative medicine, the XCell-Center is Europe's first privately-owned center of this kind. It features the latest medical equipment and technology after being newly completed in 2006. Currently, the center is treating patients with Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Ischemic Heart Disease, Stroke, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injuries, and of course Diabetes and it's complications such as Peripheral Artery Disease and Erectile Dysfunction. All these conditions are treated using autologous adult stem cells.

XCell-Center is currently involved in clinical trials where diabetes patients will be treated in a control group using traditional therapy and a test group will be treated using the patients own stem cells. The clinical data from these SCIDEM I and II trials will be published before the end of the year. The center also plans to begin a similar trial involving stroke patients later this year.


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