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Adult Stem Cells Repair the Heart

By Chuck Colson, The Christian Post, August 22, 2007

Dropping dead or signing liability papers for an unusual treatment were the two choices Carron had to choose between when she had to make a decision on treating her serious heart condition.

The event planner, chose to sign the papers.  Like many others, she became another stem cell miracle.  And adult stem cell miracle to be exact.

After suffering four heart attacks, the 58-year-old Alabama mother was in poor condition.  Less than 50 percent of the right side of her heart was functioning properly.  On the transplant list, more than 100,000 patients waited before her.  But she needed a new heart and she needed is soon.

By fall, she told Citizen Link, “I couldn’t walk 20 feet without being on somebody’s arm.”

The Texas Heart Institute was conducting a ground breaking study and Carron's nurse found the information while she was researching adult stem cell therapies.  The Food and Drug Administration did not approve of the surgery that was being conducted in the study, thus the procedure was an experimental trial that Carron had to apply for.  She was accepted as a patient and left for Texas.

500ccs of bone marrow were removed from Carron's left hip in October.  The cells were expanded until there were enough to perform a suitable procedure, and the right side of Carron's heart was injected with 30 million stem cell about 4 hours after they initial bone marrow sample was extracted.

Within two months, "I was back at work and could sing a whole song in church," Carron said.

To see how her heart was functioning, she underwent a CT scan four months later.  The news was almost heart stopping.

As Carron put it: “The doctor calls and says, ‘Ma’am, the right side of your heart is normal.’ I was in la-la land for several days.”

The stem cell procedure was performed at a cost of $600.  The heart transplant can cost upwards of $100,000 dollars.  Carron essentially got a brand new heart for free.

When Carron came down to earth, she had a question for her doctor: “I don’t understand,” she said, “why we have this huge political mess going on about stem cells. I’m living proof that adult stem cells work far better than embryonic.” And she adds: “Why should embryonic [stem-cells] even be in the discussion?” Good question.

The next time congress debates the morality of funding embryo-destructive stem-cell research, Carron's testimony could be an eye opening story.  However, "anti-science" has been the term used by too many members of congress to describe those who support adult stem cell research over embryonic research.  They are adamant about spreading the false ideology that embryonic stem cells are destined to cure a multitude of diseases.  But they keep a low tone when the insurmountable evidence keeps pooling in regards to the total failure that embryonic stem cell research has been compared the the thousands of successful treatments adult stem cells have already provided.  Money is the culprit: embryonic stem cell research has the potential to make many people very rich.

The list of patients who are benefiting from adult stem cell treatments continues to grow.  Heart valves have even been created by bone marrow stem cells in the last few months.  Adult stem cells have a remarkable track record thus far, delivering successful treatments for Parkinson's, lupus, paralysis, liver cancer, juvenile diabetes and many other conditions.

Meanwhile, Carron isn't waiting for Congress to ask her to give a testimony, she doesn't think she will need to for the world to know about adult stem cells and their life saving qualities.

As she put it: “I hope God lets me shout it from the rooftop: ‘Your own stem cells work!’”


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