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Adult Stem Cells Provides Potent Anti-Aging Extract

PR Web, August 29, 2007

With the ability to teach your skin to be young again, imagine a "chemical messenger" that can enter your skin cells and do just that.  Without any surgery, your skin will begin to feel younger and tighter, and over time become completely rejuvenated through a natural process.  Your complexion will be left young and flawless as pigmentation and superficial blemishes reverse themselves.  Now, a stem cell protein extract that is able to deliver just that is being offered by The Sloane Clinic.  The extract is called AAPE.

Able to give rise to all of the different tissues of the human body, stem cells have the unique characteristic of "plasticity".  Two distinguishing characteristics separate stem cells from all others: They can differentiate into many cell types with specific functions and they are unspecialized, in that they can clone themselves without limit.

More than any other tissue in the body, human adipose (fat) tissue has the highest concentration of adult stem cells.  This was recently established by scientists.  When comparing to bone marrow, a given volume of adipose tissue contains 1,000 times more stem cells.  200 millions stem cells can be derived from just 500 mL of fat.

Stem cells have many unique applications in science and medicine, but this is the first time, protein extract derived from stem cells are used in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

The Sloane Clinic in Singapore introduced facial and scalp rejuvenate therapies using AAPE in July of 2007.  It is a mixture of refined growth factor proteins that is extracted from human adipose-derived stem cells.  AAPE (advanced adipose-derived stem cell protein extract) uses proteins or chemical messengers that are extracted from stem cells found in human fat tissue.  These messengers send a signal to cells in the skin teaching them to regenerate when deposited or absorbed into the skin or scalp.

"In a very simplistic way, we are basically using this product to tell your skin to be young again," says Dr. Low Chai Ling, Aesthetic Physician of The Sloane Clinic, Singapore, one of the first doctors in Singapore to offer this treatment to her patients with overwhelming response.

"These AAPE cells are extracted from human adipocytes (fat cells) during the process of lipoaspiration (fat suction) and they contain the maximal number of stem cells in the human body. By cultivating these regenerative cells in test-tubes, we can establish cell lines which will serve as a reservoir of stem cells for anti-aging and aesthetic therapies far superior than traditional methods of synthetic chemicals," she added.

A patient's damaged or aged cells can in a way be restored with potential using stem cell therapy.  Regenerating aging tissue in the face or scalp in aesthetic surgery would be the goal of stem cell therapy.

The innate ability to rearrange, change, or repair local tissues significantly and rapidly is held by the AAPE protein messengers extracted from these stem cells.  Correcting facial fat atrophy may be one of the most promising applications for AAPE since it can regenerate the fat that is lost through the natural aging process.  AAPE could possibly rejuvenate the face by regenerating the skin from the inside out as well as replace lost facial volume.

Without the need for hair transplant surgery, hair growth can also be stimulated to reverse the effects of balding by administering AAPE to the scalp in order to regenerate aging hair follicles.

You being to see effects from your 3rd session onwards, with each session consisting of multiple tiny punctures, a process which takes about 30 minutes.  For long lasting anti-aging effects a series of six sessions are typically performed to initially prime the skin.

"As you know, no treatment is able to freeze time as our bodies and skin is subjected to many environmental assaults daily, but this treatment certainly comes close," says Dr. Low Chai Ling.

The CTFA (Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association) approved AAPE as a cosmetic ingredient on September 13th, 2006.  It is a growth factor that is derived from human fat stem cells.  It has also been registered with INCI as human adipocyte conditioned media extract. This product is patented. (Patent registration number: PCT/KR2006/004111).

Overall, stem cells have the potential to change the entire practice of facial rejuvenation in the future since they raise the prospect of regenerating the aging face from the inside out.  The procedure for the face costs about $600 USD per session.  Scalp therapy to reverse balding costs about $550 USD.  Hair growth occurs within 6 session which have each been performed 2 weeks apart.

The cosmetic industry should be revolutionized by this leap in aesthetic advancement and many will benefit.  The procedure requires the least amount of effort to bring individuals a step closer to true anti-aging.

Beauty is now an equal opportunity.


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