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After Stem Cell Therapy, Man's Heart Function Improves Four Fold

TransWorldNews, October 16, 2007

After receiving adult stem cell therapy in Thailand, Donald Cecil reports that his heart function has quintupled. A year after his stem cell procedure, Donald has experienced an increase from 10% to 50& in his ejection fraction (a measure of the heart’s pumping ability).

Don was suffering from congestive heart failure, prior to making a trip to Thailand to receive adult stem cell therapy.

“Two heart attacks had severely damaged my heart. I couldn’t walk 30 feet without passing out or taking a knee. I kept getting worse and worse. My doctor told me that the left side of my heart had given up on me. I had to give up surfing which is what I love.”

In October of 2006, Don traveled to the Bangkok Heart Hospital for treatment.

Don commented that the, "care that easily surpassed the hospitals in the U.S. They were great.”

During a minimally invasive procedure, Don’s own stem cells were injected back into his heart.

Asked about his decision to come to Bangkok for the stem cell treatment, Don commented, “It was an easy decision to make because I was dying. I wasn’t scared at all because it was something I had to do to keep me going. This was it for me.”

Don has seen his quality of life improve dramatically one year later. Don is surfing again and just returned from a surfing trip in Mexico. “It was great, I could paddle out again and surf overhead waves. I would be happy to recommend this to anybody. Just have them give me a call.”


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