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Adult Stem Cells Cure Missouri Heart Patient

TransWorldNews, October 22, 2007

One year after receiving adult stem cell treatment in Bangkok, Thailand, William Bernhardt says his life has been changed.

The Desoto, Missouri, native said; "my chest doesn't hurt anymore, my arm doesn’t hurt anymore, my angina is gone, I'm taking dancing lessons, I'm dating again."

Severe coronary artery disease was taking the last of the 78-year-olds life. William's doctors told him that he didn't have long, that he should start making arrangements.

It looked like the doctors were right until William's daughter Linda found out about stem cell therapy overseas. William didn't hesitate when he found out about the treatment option.

“Let’s go for it,” he said.

William had a difficult time getting around prior to his trip to Bangkok in July of 2006.

“I sat in my chair all day. I had to use a wheel chair if I wanted to move. My chest and left arm felt like they were going to blow up because of my angina.”

A simple, painless 250cc blood donation was all that was necessary to get the biological material necessary that William's stem cells would be derived from. In a non invasive procedure very similar to an angioplasty, the adult stem cells were implanted into his coronary arteries via catheter.

William had nothing but praise for his cardiologist in Thailand, Dr. Suphachai Chaithiraphan, the President of the Asia-Pacific Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Disease. “He cared. He took the time to talk to me. He explained everything clearly step by step which made me very comfortable with the stem cell treatment.”

Commenting on his stay in Bangkok, William had more praise, “Everybody was great. Everybody took care of us. The hotel was first class. They made me feel special there.”

William is keeping himself busy again on his farm these days; more than one year after his adult stem cell treatment.

“I can carry and throw bales of hay again. I’m chopping wood. Before, I couldn’t lift anything, I was stuck in my chair. Now, I’m hosting a big party for 250 people in a couple of weeks for a big chili cook-off.”


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