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Quadriplegic Will Travel to Offshore for Adult Stem Cell Treatment

PR Leap, November 17, 2007

With the way people change cell phones, it is no wonder that many individuals have at least one or two old phones lying in a drawer somewhere in their home. They may seem like useless relics of the past, especially with the new cellular technology that is available today. But they are actually more valuable then they seem. By donating old cell phones to the Jordanne Menzies Stem-Cell Therapy Fund, a persons “tech trash” could could help a quadriplegic walk again.

When Jordanne Menzies was 18 years old, she was an aspiring model, but her life changed forever after an automobile accident left her a quadriplegic. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt. She was thrown from her vehicle after it rolled several times; a result of a one AM drive home that made her fall asleep at the wheel. A semi-truck almost killed her as her body had been thrown over to the other side of the interstate. She suffered head and neck injuries after hitting the pavement head first.

Her father and stepmother care for her now. Now 22 years old, she lives at home do to her inability to care for herself properly.

Jordanne is hoping to walk again and get things back to normal with the help of adult stem cell therapy. Cell Medicine has accepted Jordanne's application and will arrange for treatment using stem cells. Cell Medicine advocates the use of stem cells harvested from fat, bone marrow, and a patients own blood.

In addition to paralysis, many other conditions including Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease and heart disease can be treated with adult stem cells.

The Menzies family is hoping that the advanced treatments will give Jordanne some additional movement in her arms or hands, and perhaps even allow her to walk again. The trip will cost about $30,000. The Menzies family is seeking assistance through a variety of fundraising events, one which includes donated cellphones.

Jordanne will leave for therapy on January 5, 2008, the phone drive will continue until that date.

The Pace Butler Corporation of Edmond, Oklahoma is accepting the donated cell phones. The company ensures that each phone is recycled properly and no sent to a landfill to pile up. Pace, a leader in the cellular recycling industry, pays for each shipment of cell phones. The environment is saved of harmful toxins that leak from phones and batteries, while the money gives a boost to Jordanne's Stem-Cell Therapy Fund.

If you wish to mail a cellphone to the family, or would like to get information on how you can help in other ways, please contact Deb Menzies at (970) 640-7798 or visit JordsAdventure.


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