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MS Patient Improves Following Adult Stem Cell Treatment

HealthNews-Stat, January 2, 2008

Without the ability to even walk a short distance, Cathy Zuker suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 27 years. Her condition had progressed to an absolute worse case scenario.

Before she got a stem cell transplant, she had to lift her legs manually when she got into the car. Her left leg would drag behind her when she walked. Her condition started improving after a stem cell transplant on May 21st, 2007. She began to notice a difference in her legs on the 24th. She said her legs started to feel lighter on the 25th, and considered her improvement to be amazing. On June 7th, 2007, she was able to not only move her legs but could get into a car without any help. Not only that, but her energy returned as well.

According to her, “I have stopped taking one of two antidepressants without any negative effects. I also wake up without a headache. My mind and my life turned 360 degrees. I was amazed to feel my husband’s hand as he lightly supported my back while I climbed stairs.”

The dramatic changes she experienced are a testament to placental stem cell therapy. Stem cells are extracted from placental tissue, expanded in culture, and applied as a treatment to individual patients.

Cathy also received stem cell therapy for her cancer. She suffered from a masticated tumor in her stomach, as well as breast cancer. Stem cell therapy combined with radiation and chemotherapy, rid her of cancer as well.


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