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Stem Cell Treatment Patents for 3D Culture/Scaffold Class

Artificial skin prepared from coclagen matrix containing transforming growth factor-.beta. having a collagen binding site
U.S. Patent: 5800811, Published: 9/1/1998

Bioengineered anterior cruciate ligament
U.S. Patent: 6287340, Published: 9/11/2001

Biomatrix for soft tissue regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells
U.S. Patent: 6174333, Published: 1/16/2001

Cell-culture and polymer constructs
U.S. Patent: 6637437, Published: 10/28/2003

Chordin compositions
U.S. Patent: 5986056, Published: 11/16/1999

Culturing cells on macroporous glass carriers coated with gelatin, extracellular matrix protein and stromal cells
U.S. Patent: 5906940, Published: 5/25/1999

Fabrication of a cartilage implant
U.S. Patent: 6852331, Published: 2/8/2005

Fibrin nanoparticles and uses thereof
U.S. Patent: 6552172, Published: 4/22/2003

Guided development and support of hydrogel-cell compositions
U.S. Patent: 6171610, Published: 1/9/2001

Method and compositions for isolation and growth of kidney tubule stem cells, in vitro kidney tubulogenesis and ex vivo construction of renal tubules
U.S. Patent: 6410320, Published: 6/25/2002

Method for composite cell-based implants
U.S. Patent: 6662805, Published: 12/16/2003

Method for neural stem cell differentiation using 5HT-1A agonists
U.S. Patent: 7132287, Published: 11/7/2006

Method for repairing cartilage
U.S. Patent: 5842477, Published: 12/1/1998

Method for treating connective tissue disorders
U.S. Patent: 5226914, Published: 7/13/1993

Method of preparing a composite bone graft
U.S. Patent: 5824084, Published: 10/20/1998

Methods and compositions for isolation and growth of kidney tubule stem cells, in vitro kidney tubulogenesis and ex vivo construction of renal tubules
U.S. Patent: 6060270, Published: 5/9/2000

Particulate acellular tissue matrix
U.S. Patent: 6933326, Published: 8/23/2005

Preparation of three-dimensional fibrous scaffold for attaching cells to produce vascularized tissue in vivo
U.S. Patent: 5770193, Published: 6/23/1998

Purification and use of human recombinant cartilage oligomeric matrix protein
U.S. Patent: 6849594, Published: 2/1/2005

Release of cells from affinity matrices
U.S. Patent: 5081030, Published: 1/14/1992

Synthetic ligation reassembly in directed evolution
U.S. Patent: 6537776, Published: 3/25/2003

Three-dimensional cartilage cultures
U.S. Patent: 5902741, Published: 5/11/1999

Three-dimensional fibrous scaffold containing attached cells for producing vascularized tissue in vivo
U.S. Patent: 5770417, Published: 6/23/1998

Three-dimensional stromal tissue cultures
U.S. Patent: 5962325, Published: 10/5/1999

Transplant material and method for fabricating the same
U.S. Patent: 6989030, Published: 1/24/2006

Vascularized perfused microtissue/micro-organ arrays
U.S. Patent: 6197575, Published: 3/6/2001

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